Actress Victoria Inyama Features In Ugly Online Battle

She's A Real Drama Queen

By  | Feb 11, 2021, 12:24 PM  | Drama

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In the late 90s and early 2000s, home videos had many heroines: beautiful, expressive and vibrant women who took the country by storm in the portrayal of their characters. Actors like Genevieve Nnaji, Stella Damasus, Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, Sandra Achums, Kate Henshaw, to mention a few made people happy to spend their money on VHR cassettes.

After the boom of that era, some of these ladies stayed in the industry, relocated out of the country, got married, or moved on to other things.

One of such women is Victoria Inyama. She used to be a Nollywood star, loved for her baby girl roles in movies. Nowadays, however, she’s mostly in the news for getting involved in online fights by inviting herself to conversations that have nothing to do with her.

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Victoria disappeared from the spotlight to start a family and raise her kids, but she has been back for a few years, and it appears she likes to court trouble.
When actress Etinosa Idemudia posted pictures of her baby bump, she got into a squabble with her for making untoward comments about the bay and the father of the child.

This time around, she got into a pair of virtual trousers with Sandra Iheuwa, Ubi Franklin’s ex.
Sandra made a post advising single mothers to focus on setting up a business for themselves, instead of looking for how to slay on social media.
If you collect child support every month put that money to good use by starting up something even if it's small because that money go stop someday if you don't receive 1 cent from the father of your child find something to do o...I know someone who is a single mom but her priority in this life is to take pictures and post on Ig I don't know if she is trying to pepper the father of her child / Children.....but sis the real come up is to level up financially....step on those necks and elevate. You can't be slaying on the gram with $500 in your bank account.
Victoria responded to this and added that Sandra was advising herself, that being a single mother did not warrant her rant.

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Not one to be done over, Sandra responded, and included the answer to Victoria’s question of what she does for a living.

victoriainyama Yo! Stay in your miserable fucking lane in that U.K don’t try me with your stupid antics. I’m going to take it you are mentally not okay. How does my post and your stupid post correlate? Where is the connection??? Or you just feel like typing so people will know you sabi speak? Listen I’m definitely not the one at all I’M DEFINITELY NOT THE ONE!!!! let’s talk about this “dating” and “marriage plans” with that your fish brain do you think it’s every single mom that wants to marry the father of their child???? I have been married before and the next time I want to marry or go down that lane will be with someone that has a very good head on their shoulder and can match my goals. And you are asking what do I do again? I’m a $millionaire BOSS with 2 warehouses in the United States, 1 factory in Nigeria and a restaurant. Victoria, it’s my turn to ask, what again do you do in that U.K? Girl Bye!

Victoria was a drama queen in movies. Shes also obviously is a drama queen in real life. No one knows whose matter she will jump on next.
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