Adunni Ade Resets Troll's Brain

She Asked Him To Get Sense

By  | Feb 16, 2021, 08:52 PM  | Drama

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Nigerian actress and entrepreneur Adunni Ade recently put a troll in their place while she held an Instagram live video for her fans. This troll thought it wise to advise her to get a husband in the comment section but the actress was prepared with a response.

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‘Olaniyan, what did Olaniyan do o, what did Olaniyan say o? Get a husband dakun, eyah. You see this Instagram life, social media life, it will run you down to the bottom. That’s why it’s good for you to separate your life, your life, your real life, your personal life, from your social media life. I don’t come on here talking about love life, that’s not my character, that’s not my game. That’s not me.

Do you know if I’m married, and I’m still pretending to be a single woman? You will never know because that’s for me to know and for you to find out.
So Olaniyan if you feel that validation for a woman is to go get married, I pity your life. I can see from your profile picture, you’re one of those who have, you know, you’re not doing so well. It’s okay, I’m not abusing you. But rather than you judge another fellow or say something as stupid as ‘go and marry’. Ah, Omase o, we know your type, you’re also the ones that will come to the DMs to come and beg for money. You mad people, when it’s like your brains have been mixed with the gutter and dragged on the floor.

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On a early Monday morning, instead of you to find ways of making money, achieving greatness, it is for a woman who has done more, and not sleeping her way to the top o, I’ve worked hard for every dime that I have, but see your life, you’re watching me, you’re telling me to go and marry a husband.
So it’s until I marry husband before my life can be good. Who tells you my life is not good? Olaniyan, get sense’.

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Adunni Ade was born to a Nigerian father and a German-Irish mother. She started her career in New York as a model at America’s Next Top Model before moving to Nigeria to join Nollywood. She has two sons with Micheal Boyd, with whom she was in a relationship for eight years. She is one of the actresses who have managed to keep details about her private life away from the prying eyes of social media.

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In 2017, she was announced as the brand ambassador for Oud majestic. In  April 2020, she shared about her religion to answer a question that had been burning among her fans. She shared that she had converted back to Islam in 2016  after practising Christianity. She explained that her father was a practising Muslim while her mother was a Christian, but she decided to live according to her terms and what made her fulfilled.

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Adunni Ade joins the list of entertainers who will not let trolls go free on the account of their celebrity. Actors who have returned the fire are Dorathy, Anita Joseph,  Rosy Meurer and a host of others.

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