Akah And Claire's Unfiltered Video Stirs Reactions

Somebody Wants To Be Charged With Murder

By  | Mar 03, 2021, 06:27 PM  | Drama

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Influencer couple Akah and Claire Nnani recently welcomed a baby girl to the world. To help their followers see that their life was not all about beautiful pictures, they released a vulnerable video on their page to let people know some of the things they go through as first-time parents.

It was a conversation between the husband and wife on Claire’s need to pump more breastmilk for their one-month-old daughter, but it seemed like Akah said one thing while Claire understood it as something else.

The unfiltered conversation in the video has got many people talking about family dynamics and the importance of communication in all seasons of a relationship.

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In the caption, Akah gave a brief intro about the 14-minute long video.

MEN NEED TO SEE THIS! Tag the men you know.
Guys, when they say "communication is key in marriage" it is no joke cos, when one person says a thing, the other person hears another.

It's a real thing that men don't like to talk or express their feelings but over the last year plus, I have painstakingly learnt and practiced talking and sharing my feelings, no matter how much it hurts me or the other person.
We tend to bottle it up especially if we are not sure of how the other person will take it. But with what I've learnt? I've learnt to just say it!
 My brothers, it seems simple but e no easy oh.
 Men are usually more logical and goal oriented in responding to life and in conversation but that's not always the best way to respond because we are dealing with humans with real feelings and emotions and situations.
 But let's get back to this communication. See as the talk go.
 Me: Babes, how can we increase breastmilk supply because I'd like us to reduce formula for the baby.
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What wife heard: Madame, I don't know what you have been doing with your time. I need you to speed up and keep pumping milk for the baby. No time! Remember we need to store for the months ahead. On your breast.

Did I say it with the right tone, or did I bring it up at the right time? Was I sensitive to how she had been feeling prior? All these make or mare how a person interprets or receives a message.

Watch this real life candid scenario between myself and my wife. We both want the same thing which is the best for our child but our peculiar realities and individualities have made the way or process in achieving that goal differ in approach.

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 How do you communicate? do you listen? Do you empathise? Is it about winning? Do you address what you don't like by being honest but also being respectful? Are you open to saying you are sorry?
 These are real issues couples face. Lol
 Guys, please send your coins for this premium candid content'.

While people shared their opinions about the video in the comment section, the blogger who was called out for being obsessed with Laura Ikeji's husband had copied the video to her page to talk about how she was irritated by the man and how she would be charged with murder if she was married to someone like that:

‘If I end up with this type I would be done for murder and that’s for sure. I don’t understand when they say “I am the leader or the head of the family”. Who made them the leader? You are only a leader when your better half hasn’t functioning brain, if she has then both of you are partners doing team work 50/50.’

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Her followers asked her to watch the video again and not take it out of context. 
The young couple has a goal to inspire people through photography, they might need to include more vulnerable videos in the mix as well.
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