Alex Destroys An Entitled Troll Living In Her Comment Section

And Her Followers Help Her Finish Him Off

By  | Feb 19, 2021, 08:21 PM  | Drama

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An unfortunate incident happened in the comment section of Reality Tv star Alex Unusual, between her and a man who believed that she did not have her thinking organs because of the dress she wore for her photoshoot.

Alex turned 25 a few days ago, and still basking in the joy of a new year, she wrote an appreciation letter to the people who had stuck with her for the past three years since she left the Big Brother Naija house.

Part of her caption read:
Dear Team Alex, words are powerless to express my gratitude. The most valuable gift I have is your love. It's the heart for me. The memory of this celebration is stored in my heart not my mind and you did that.
Three years and counting, the fanmily has stayed unbreakable whilst topping numbers daily thereby doing the opposite of initial predictions. May God bless you all beyond words. May your joy know no bounds.

Enter Chris Udoh, a fan turned troll who was not comfortable with her dressing:
U for kuku show us the colour or ur pant since u don't have sense. Always dress indecent dress

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Alex responded promptly: We type correctly here. Speak English or stick to your mother tongue.

Chris was not satisfied with her response and replied: 
I'm not ur mate. Ur mother should have trained u well

The exchange got other fans involved
@chris._ See as u re receiving insult cos u refused to mind ur biz. U re not her mate yet u re own her page insulting her n she has responded. If u don't like her unfollow her or pretend not to see her post.

@uchderby she was one who followed me before I followed her back.

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Alex posted a picture of him on her story and asked people to join her in setting him straight, then she returned to the comment section to finish what Chris started.

@chris._udoh I have a minute to spare. 
 If you had been a good child, maybe your mother’s training would have taught you not to talk trash at your old age and get insult from a little one like me. Now you old man, get your disgusting self out of my comment section. I’m so not in that ignore mood this minute. If my mother didn’t train me well, I won’t be that person you come under her comment section to type. Don’t ever in your entire frustrated life involve my mother in your comment again. Stupid silly thing from the pit of hell. Now run along and play with sand since your age is only but a number and you are senseless at this age. I’m not the cause of your problems. Your mum isn’t either so I’ll leave her out of this. Sorry excuse for an adult. *spits
@alex_unusual na small girl dey worry u. I'm only trying to advise u no to dress indecent again because it may affect u from getting a future husband. I'm just advising u, dear. Remember I was among the people voted u on BBN and I spent allot of money doing that.

@chris._udoh I’ll follow you for what exactly? To watch you drink sprite and pose without a shirt? Gerrara hia mehn shiii

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@chris._udoh Coming from someone who boldly writes that “a woman’s greatest achievement is marriage, not her degree”, entails the kind of human you are. Your type shouldn’t be existing in this part of the World with us, head back to the Zoo where you belong Bingo.

Chris probably went back to the zoo, as Neckyz asked, or he went to nurse his wounds because we didn’t hear from him again.

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