Bobrisky Accused Of Another Dodgy Deal!

Bobrisky didn't quite secure the bag...

By  | Jul 29, 2020, 09:59 AM  | Bobrisky  | Drama

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Bobrisky has been named and shamed by a company who claim he failed to deliver on his end of the endorsement deal, despite receiving their money...

The influencer runs a lucrative business advertising various beauty products on his Instagram page, of which he receives a cut for his service.

But one company has accused him of completely backing out on a contract he entered into with them, despite being paid for it!

Pamper Glow, a skincare range, have put the social media star on blast for ignoring his end of the deal, claiming he received N2million from them to advertise their products on his page, only to give them the run-around when it came to doing his part.

Taking to their own Instagram page, the company wrote; "Dear Bobrisky, we are putting this out there because we are tired of the stories and lies you told just to secure this deal. You received the sum of 2 million Naira as part payment to influence our brand about two months ago. Since you received this money, it has been difficult reaching you ....

Pamper Glow also claims they demanded the star refund their money and cancel the deal, of which he has yet to do.

They continued; "Having found out all these, we asked for a refund and we expected to receive the payment immediately but you said you don’t do mobile transfers and you gave us a date, the date came and passed with no sign of the money. Calls and messages sent to you were ignored. Took you many days to come up with another story. We are tired and no brand deserves this.”
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It's not the first time the cross-dressing star has been accused fraudulent activity - back in May he was reportedly arrested over shirking another deal worth N30 million.

According to reports, Bobrisky allegedly collected the money, but failed to deliver on his end of the deal once again.

Looks like sis isn't quite securing the bags he hoped for!

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