Bobrisky Advises Women To Go For Rich Men Only

People were not happy about this!

By  | Apr 21, 2022, 10:32 AM  | Bobrisky  | Drama

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Popular crossdresser Bobrisky has come under fire after advising women to only go for rich men and avoid poor guys. 
The social media personality recently took to Instagram to share some “nuggets of wisdom”. He suggested that broke man can be Petty enough to embarrass you in public especially when it comes to their small money.  Therefore, the best thing for a woman to do is to exclusively date rich men. 

 This was in response to the recent viral video of a man embarrassing a lady he was allegedly in a relationship with after he caught her on a date with another man. In the video he takes away the gift he gave to the woman and leaves her embarrassed as the incident is filmed by an onlooker. 

Addressing this video the crossdresser wrote, “Have said dis many times but many of you girls won’t listen to me. Stop dating broke men many of you won’t listen to me.”

As many had expressed concerns that the video couldn’t possibly be real, he also addressed this. “I don’t care if dis video look staged or real. I’m only concern about the interpretation of dis video which simply mean you should work for ur own money or never date a CHILD like dis guy in dis video... Date a mature guy with many cash not the boy 😂,” he continued. 
There were two types of responses to his advice. There are those who feel like, as a man, he is definitely not qualified to be advising women. In fact they thought his advice to go for rich men was terrible, and that women should absolutely not listen to him. 

On the other hand there are those who caught the part where he said that one of the  ways to avoid being embarrassed like the woman and the video was, is to simply work for your own money.  this group completely agreed with him and thought it is great advice for everybody to be able to finance their own lifestyle regardless of their gender. 
The main bone of contention in  the social media personality's post was that he had called the man in the video a child.  But many felt like he was not wrong.  I mean, isn't it a bit childish to reclaim all your gifts, in public, because you have been scorned? 

There were definitely better ways for this to be dealt with but to each their own what do you think? Do you agree with Bobrisky? 
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