Bobrisky Rewards Super Fan

Fan Tattoed Bob’s Face On Her Back

By  | Jan 29, 2021, 03:55 PM  | Bobrisky  | Drama

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When you say you're a fan, how deep is your love? The saying goes: Actions speak louder than words. Perhaps this is why Bobrisky was touched by this fan's action.
Crossdresser Idris Okuneye was amazed by a superfan who tattoed his face on the back of her shoulder.

Credit: Instagram

In an emotional response to the fan whose name is Gift Anumba, Bobrisky offered her gifts to show his appreciation.

‘This is huge to me. Now that you have shown me you love me, let me make you happy too. List of things I wanna do to appreciate this:
I’m following you back on IG
Sending you 1,000,000 cash
Pick a date, I wanna sponsor you to Dubai
Name any phones you want, I’m getting it ASAP. I love you’           
Did we just see ‘phones?’ We hope she picks an iPhone 12. Bob can afford it.

Fans have shown their devotion to their icons by way of tattoos before; Tacha had Davido’s face drawn between her breasts. Another superfan tattooed Wizkid and Davido’s pictures on both sides of his back.

Bobrisky stays confusing people with his gender. He asked people to address him with the pronouns She/Her a while back, and continuously offers advice to ladies on how to keep their men. 

People have been waiting for Bob to take part in the Silhouette challenge, to verify if indeed he is a female like he’s always claimed. Some others observed too that he did not feature in the Buss It challenge that trended online.

Bob Risky has appeared in documentaries- Beverly Naya’s Skin, 2019, and in Tayo Sobola’s Ojuloge Obinrin, as a crossdresser in 2015.
The media personality is known for his bluntness and generosity towards the people he loves. When Erica Came out of the Big Brother House, he offered her a vacation in Dubai to cool off some steam and promised her a cash gift.

One of the most audacious people in our generation, Bob risky constantly gives ladies a run for their money-and their men- in his picture-perfect shots and flawless makeup.

Protégées James Brown, Bryan Nwakoro, Jay Boogie and Jay Buggati are quickly coming up in their craft as crossdressers, but have not yet been able to usurp Bobrisky’s throne.

News reports gathered that Bob Risky threatened fellow crossdresser James Brown for trying to take his place, and he also uploaded a post to that effect.

James Brown started as a relatively unknown dancer who was arrested on allegations of involvement in homosexual practices- which is illegal in Nigeria. He has become an influencer for brands and a video creator, and he calls himself the princess of Africa- mostly because he asserted that there can only be one queen: Bobrisky.

Following his tiff with Bobrisky he came out to say he’s not in any competition with anybody, and he respects his aunty Bobrisky as his senior in the game. He also added that he would not be intimidated by anyone, because everyone can be successful in their chosen careers.
He added that he identifies as a man, and has no plans to take female organs.

The other crossdressers are getting attention, but so far, no one has stayed in the public eye like Bobrisky. His antics keep getting him admiration, irritation, fascination and indignation. 

No one knows when he will retire.  

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