Bobrisky Tattoo Competition: Superfan Disowned By Father

At This Rate He Might Need To Adopt His Fans

By  | Feb 24, 2021, 08:17 PM  | Bobrisky  | Drama

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If Nigeria is the giant of Africa, Nigerian fans are the giants of fandom. Tattoos are becoming symbols of devotion to celebrities, and it has never been as rampant as in the past one month. 

After Reality TV star Katrina uploaded the video on her story chastising a fan who drew a tattoo of her name on her body, more tattoo stories appeared on the internet!

A lady who had inked Bobrisky’s face on her back cried out in a video that her father disowned her. This lady is different from the lady we wrote about few days ago.

She lamented that even after she did the tattoo, Bob did not acknowledge her.

Make una help me o, my father disown me, just because I had a drawing of Bobrisky tattoo on my back- oh my god, I don’t even know how to do myself, I don’t know I don’t know. Even since when I draw this tattoo Bobrisky didn’t show me any love, he didn’t even follow me back or anything. And Bobrisky I didn’t draw this just because of your money.

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But Bob in his fashion made a post to apologize to her and asked his followers to help him find her handle:

Good morning guys, pls tagged dis lady handle for me. I didn’t intentionally ignore you my darling... nobody tagged me to your page. Most times I just upload and move on because I get busy a lot.

Another lady tattooed actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s name on her arm and Nkechi’s response was the most hilarious we’ve seen to date. She asked if it was a joke and made it clear she had no money to give anyone. This fan of hers told her it was done out of love and not for any money.

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The next tattoo update we saw on the gram was between controversial media personality Blessing Okoro and Media personality Denrele Edun. Blessing tattooed his quote on her arm ‘Denrele Said Be MAD. Make A Difference’. 

Denrele was so overjoyed, he posted it on his Instagram feed and called it a stupendous honour.
 And that's exactly what my Spirit Animal @officialblessingceoTATTOOED on her arm (right next to her sons' names; Darel & Bryan).
 Blessing and I are both M.A.D!
 And just when you think you've reached the bottom of our Madness, there's a CRAZY Underground Garage!
 BLESSING! You're my Spirit Animal, not only cos you INKED my name on your Arm but cos Souls like me are watching and drawing nourishing energy from you, not just to feed ourselves but to process it and shamelessly, proudly and colourfully release it into this world!

Blessing held a live session where she talked about her devotion to Denrele, and why she tattooed his quote on her arm. She said she is emotionally attached to him, and did not do the tattoo to get anything from him, but to show how committed to him she is.

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Nigerians are not sure to make of the recent fascination with fans drawing other people’s names on their bodies, but a celeb like Bobrisky doesn’t mind. He sent an open letter to Ka3na, asking her to confess to her fans that she’s broke, and to stop hiding behind morals.
Firstly is my money, I can give it to anyone I like. What about those ones I have helped without my picture tattoo on their body? You were blind to talk then. If you are broke to support your own fans, well I’m not broke to support mine so get that straight in your empty skull girl.
If it’s not about the money, like many of them claim, then what is it for? Somebody make it make sense, we want to know.

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