Bobrisky Trolled For Missing AMVCA8

Was talent the issue?

By  | May 15, 2022, 03:39 PM  | Bobrisky  | Drama

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Being a socialite usually means one will be at all the hottest events and parties, which has been a pretty neat summary of Bobrisky's life… until now. As the socialite was missing from one of the entertainment industry's biggest nights, fans have more questions than answers. 
Last night was the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, and everybody whose name is hot on the scene right now was present. Of course they showed up and showed out in stunning outfits, as we have come to love and expect from our Nigerian celebrities. 

But one face was suspiciously missing from the lineup, and the silence was pretty loud. One of Naija's favourite crossdressers, Bobrisky, was nowhere to be seen. 

Back at home, Bobrisky posted a video of himself all glammed up in a fancy outfit, momentarily diverting attention from all the talk of the AMVCAs, the winners and the looks, but perhaps that may not have been such a wise idea in retrospect. 

Fans immediately questioned how come he wasn't at the event. Speculation followed, as everyone tried to figure out the possible reason he would miss something so important. 

It didn't take long before a social media user, possibly specialized in violence, suggested that he was not at the event because he has no actual talent. Everyone who was there has an active role in the film and TV industry, or has some talent that is recognized by the entertainment industry. But with Bobrisky, what exactly does he do? The fans demanded to know. 

It is worth noting that James Brown, Bobrisky's long term rival, was present at the event and stunned, as usual. Having recently identified as a drag queen, James was dressed in a long, gorgeous yellow gown, reminiscent of something straight out of Bridgerton (if you don't get it, forget about it). 

Is it possible that Bobrisky was not invited, because James Brown was there? Or perhaps Bobrisky was indeed invited, but chose not to attend the event because he knew that the duchess of London would be present? Or maybe they have a custody agreement to avoid meeting and clashing at public events, so they decided that James would take this one and Bobrisky can have the next event? 

Really, there could be any number of reasons. Of course it's possible that Bobrisky just did not want to go, so he didn't. But fans favour a more dramatic explanation, as they have been suggesting in his social media comments. 

But from the pictures doing the rounds on social media, the attendees had a really good time at the event, and it's a little sad that this socialite was not present, and we have no idea why. Maybe next time, Bobrisky. 

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