Bobrisky's Charity Attempt Goes Horribly Wrong

What an epic fail!

By  | May 02, 2022, 11:47 AM  | Bobrisky  | Drama

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Popular social media personality Bobrisky recently found herself in trouble with social media after a charity attempt went horribly wrong. 

The social media personality recently went online to share that they would be spreading some kindness, by sharing food with the less fortunate. 

As proof of this, she posted a short video of a cow, which we believe was meant to be slaughtered soon to feed others. She captioned the video “💃💃💃 let feed more people tomorrow”. 

What started out as a noble effort sadly went sideways almost immediately, and now we are not sure whether the initiative will be continuing or not, considering the vicious responses she was met with. 

First of all, many of her fans and followers demanded to know what sort of animal that was that she intended to use to feed others. I mean, it is clearly a cow, but many felt like it looked too emaciated to actually be a cow, so they were a little confused as to how many people she intended to feed. 

Other critics felt like Bobrisky was wrong to post the video on social media if it was supposed to be a nice thing she was doing for charity. They said that people who really mean to do good don’t feel the need to advertise their efforts on social media. It feels like an attempt to chase clout and praise, which is wrong, and that she should be content with doing good deeds outside the gaze of adoring social media fans. 

Bobrisky is yet to share any updates on whether she will be proceeding with her efforts after this social media onslaught. I mean, we can imagine it would be pretty disheartening to have a passion project torn apart like that. 

But then again, this is Bobrisky we are talking about, so we highly doubt that it will matter what people are saying about the efforts. She is probably going to proceed and do whatever it is she has set her mind to anyway, which is quite frankly the best way she could live her life. 

And just to show how much the social media personality cannot be bothered by other people’s opinion of her (especially random strangers on the internet), she followed up that post with another one reiterating as much. 


She addressed those who always feel the need to tell her that they used to like her but have stopped doing so for one reason or another. 

I don’t care and i doubt if I will care till de*th do us path. Lastly be ready to troll me always cos we are stuck forever ❤️❤️❤️,” she wrote. 

She was heartily supported by her fans, who reminded the haters that their love or hate neither adds nor subtracts anything from her bank account, so they should stop overstating their own importance. 

Well, power to you, Bobrisky! 

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