Dirty Fight Between Bobrisky And Nkechi Blessing Sunday

It Went From Zero To Hundred Real Quick

By  | Feb 25, 2021, 07:39 PM  | Bobrisky  | Drama

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On the streets of social media, some days are calm and peaceful. There are also days where the oxygen in the atmosphere is filled with equal amounts of violence. Today is such a day.

After Nkechi Blessing Sunday uploaded the hilarious post responding to a fan who drew a tattoo of her name on her body, she came back to apologise and asked for forgiveness, claiming that she thought it was a prank. She also asked her followers to help her apologise to the lady.

A follower commented ‘de fear of boborisky’ and that was the card sent the dominoes crumbling.
Nkechi responded ‘abi you and bobrisky dey mad? You want make I swear for you?

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Microblogging platform Instablog9ja picked the exchange and uploaded it, causing Bobrisky to see it. He then went on his page to launch a full-blown attack.

'Nkechi or whatever your names is called! I like my space and peace a lot, that is y I don’t follow people here, but when you crossed your lane you are definitely waking a dangerous python 🐍 up, I know you and clout are 5 and 6 and we are both SHAMELESS!!!! So let roll d dice. Never in your life mention my name on ur stupid page again !!!!! I repeat if u nor wan make sango and Ogun strike your whole generation. If you have any issue with me be brave and face me let roll d dice. Na me say make you they do audio giveaway for your page ? Or na me swear for you not to have money to appreciate your so called fans for writing your name. If that person that wrote your name know how broke you are she won’t even dare. ABEG I’m not part of d people you share your pu***y palliative too o! So it easy to drag you like I pass my neighbor generator. I will be expecting your reply on dis so I can now fire back all your bad records. Guys go and get your popcorns and drink ready !!!! It’s about to be lit'.

Nkechi sent her replies through her Instagram stories, while Bob posted his responses on his feed.

the first screenshot Nkechi posted was one where Bob told her he had been waiting for the fight since last year.
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My leaked ass hole has given me wat your generation can’t afford !!!!! I don’t blame you thou ! Let me quickly remind you how your mother use you to serve men when she was still selling beer at a beer parlour. SHAME ! Secondly all d f**k you f***k for dis Nigeria not even in Lagos because you don cast home and abroad, na common VENZA Camry you they drive na you supposed be my class captain for class so you go learn to stop sharing free pu***y palliative. should I tagged d car vendor you gave your pu***sy to as an exchange to borrow car to pose to lie to your so called fans say you buy car for your mama 😂😂😂😂😂🙄. Make I dey drop am gradually.... you remember your favorite celebrity you slept with her husband come they apologize. Y are all d men you post as your husband ended dumpling your ass. Damn girl you need deliverance. Be a classy ashewo for once. Part 2 loading 


'Nkechi when am done with you! In your entire life when you hear Bobrisky you will run. Remember the guy you came to hustle in Ikeja that year? When you met me there you were disappointed 😂 sad d guy no give you thank for coming...No worry you be leaner'.

The fight does not seem to be over, we hope it only lasts on social media.

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