"Good Girl No Dey Pay" - Bobrisky

He advises women to be bad girls instead

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 10:31 AM  | Bobrisky  | Drama

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You know Bobrisky always comes through with the advice for women, and now he says it is useless to be a good girl. Just be a bad girl instead. 

Famous crossdresser Bobrisky has once again given some controversial advice which may land him in trouble. Taking to Instagram, he told women that being a good girl does not pay, so it is pointless to do it. 

He also went on to encourage the ladies to pledge to be bad, asking all those who agree to take his advice, to raise their hands for a count. 

Of course, he received mixed reactions. Bobrisky is very popular with the ladies on social media, particularly on Instagram, especially because of his funny takes on most things. 

He immediately received a bunch of raised hands in the comments from those who pledge to be bad going forward. I mean, if Bobrisky says it, there must be something to it, right? 

However, the post also attracted a lot of criticism. Bobrisky has a base of critics who feel like he has no place giving advice to women on how to be women, since he is a man who can’t possibly have any insight on the female experience. 

As one wrote, “if being a man is so easy, then why switch gender?” 

The crossdresser seems to be on a roll of late, dishing out one hot take after the other. He recently advised women to avoid broke men and go for rich men only. 

This response came after a video had gone viral in which a man found his girlfriend out on a date, and embarrassed her in public. He took everything he had ever bought for her, snatching them from her right there in the restaurant, in full view of everyone there. 

Bobrisky said that the problem with broke men is that they are petty and childish, and would be willing to shame you in public like that at the slightest provocation, simply because of what the crossdresser thinks is “small money”. 

As the video had been rumoured to have been staged for some views and reactions online, Bobrisky said he didn’t care whether it was real or not. He said the only thing that matters, is that ladies need to do two things only: either work for their own money, or stick to dating rich men only. Obviously, doing both is encouraged, but if they cannot do the former, the latter is highly encouraged.

The amount of backlash he received for his views was astronomical, but have you ever known Bobrisky to be afraid of some negative reception? He said what he said, and he cannot be bothered whether people like it or not, as long as the intended audience receives the advice and takes it into consideration.  

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