James Brown Claps Back At Bobrisky

"Am a goddess in a human form"

By  | May 11, 2022, 02:47 PM  | Bobrisky  | Drama

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It is no secret that James Brown and Bobrisky have never liked each other. But the social media war between them keeps escalating, and James just fired back in response after Bobrisky recently fired shots at him. 

Anyone who knows the two would realise that they are both very strong personalities. And the way it usually goes with two strong personalities in the same field, is that they either become best friends and combine forces, or they jump into an endless explosive war. 

These two cross dressing icons have chosen the second path, and they don’t see eye to eye. 

James Brown has been based in the United Kingdom for a few months now, but he returned to Nigeria about a week ago, to the best reception anybody could hope for. Not only were celebrities there to welcome him back, he also smoothly re-entered Nigerian celeb society, making a splash at Ini Edo’s 40th birthday. 

As soon as word hit the streets that James Brown was back, heads turned to Bobrisky to see his reaction. He has been enjoying the spotlight in the months that James was away, and now fans were convinced that James came back for the crown, causing them to both fear for and make fun of Bobrisky. 

Bobrisky threw the first jab a few days ago, when he went online to give advice to other crossdressers on how to be more feminine. He advised them to get laser therapy to prevent hair growth in their faces and armpits and to get hormone therapy, among other tips. 

Have a look at the post. 

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The post was clearly a jab thrown at James Brown, because not only was the timing suspicious (as soon as James came back to the country), but also their long running beef makes it very clear. 

James Brown did not miss the implications of the post, and took his time to respond. And when he responded, he did so in his signature James Brown flamboyance. He had a whole mini photoshoot and shared photos, but it was his caption that ended everything. 

Never 👎 you call me A Cross dresser. I AM A DRAG QUEEN 👸 FROM UK. Because my goal and my mission are far behind your thought 💭 and imagination that you can’t comprehend. Am a goddess in a human form,” he wrote. 

It was a quick and rather interesting clap back, and Bobrisky is yet to respond. But it seems that sides have been picked and allegiances sworn. 

And this is not the first time that these two have had passive aggressive fights on our timelines, with James Brown once getting hurt in the feelings when Bobrisky failed to wish him a happy birthday, and he responded by snubbing him right back. H for Hectic! 

A ‘war’ is coming. With whom will you stand? 

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