Dencia Throws Shade At Burna Boy & His Girlfriend

Shots fired! Dencia is spilling the tea...

By  | May 26, 2020, 09:32 AM  | Burna Boy   | Drama

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Burna Boy has some new celebrity beef on his hands if Cameroonian-born singer Dencia's tweets are anything to go by...

The singer threw massive shade at her African counterpart as well as his British rapper girlfriend Stefflon Don in a rant that had tweeps shooketh and amused.

Dencia - who is also a fashion designer and beauty entrepreneur -called Burna out as "one if the biggest haters in the industry" seemingly out of nowhere.

She also called him "ugly", "hateful" and a "bully". She even called his bae a "fat a**"!

She tweeted; "Burna Boy is one of the biggest haters in the industry. Like I get it, ugly people are ugly inside out but his own is disturbing, he tries to hate & bully everyone,him and his fat a** GF, match made in hate heaven. Like imagine their conversations being hateful & about people".

She continued with her insulting tweets, claiming Burna needed a shower, some moisturiser and even some laser "on that bumpy face of his". She also told him to "drop the dose on the damn drugs".


Next it was Stefflon's turn to catch heat and Dencia sure turned it up extra hot!

Dencia labelled Stefflon promiscuous and accused her and her "ugly a** friends"  of "hating on Nigerian women" whilst in the country.

She added; "I was like wow, this h** that has been ran through by the entire London, the audacity to insult Nigerian women. Man Burna and his GF need a bath in the river of Jordan. Two clowns".

Dencia then revealed to a fan that Burna once threatened her and US personality Blac Chyna during a meet & greet event for their skin-lightening products back in 2016.

She continued; "Burna openly & viciously attacked Chyna & I and said Area boys should harass us, commit suicide & he was disrespectful & asked people to hurt us, any man who can say that is an animal.... keep in mind his GF uses bleaching creams".

But despite all the shade, Dencia claims she is not a hater...

"If I call you out, it ain’t hate. Issa fact, I can’t hate on people if I am doing better than them in the most important aspects of life aka financial mentally, spiritually, physically & emotionally," she tweeted in response to all the backlash.

Dencia didn't come to play! Now let's wait and see how Burna & Stefflon will fire back...

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