Cindy Okafor Is Caught Between Her Friend And Her Money

Keep Your Friends Close And Your Money Closer

By  | Feb 10, 2021, 08:31 PM  | Drama

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A wise man once said if you want to lose a friend, borrow them money.
Cindy Okafor shared her pain with her followers on her Instagram story. She mistakenly sent her friend N200,000 instead of N20,000 and the friend stopped returning her calls or responding to her messages.

 I mistakenly sent a friend 200k instead of 20k. Since Sunday her line never connect and no response on WhatsApp. I been no wan para or tag am because I thought maybe something is wrong. Until I used another line add am for WhatsApp and saw her status post, meaning she is online. I don’t understand why some people are ungrateful. I don’t even know what to do. Shey make I find am go Owerri for money matter, Nawa ooo.
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Social media users were less concerned about the money and more concerned about how she was able to view her status on WhatsApp with a new number.

‘how will you use another number to add her on WhatsApp and still see her status unless she saved the number too… Lori iro.’

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‘Don’t believe you save her number and immediately you saw her status post. How did that happen? I thought someone has to save your number before you see their status. You need Christ dear. Lying self na sin.’

‘how do people make errors when sending money? Me I use pins to count all the zeros before I press the send button! Sorry, my sister.

After some news sites shared the news, she posted on her story that she was surprised by the comments she read on their page.

‘surprised my last story enter Instablog. Anyway, saw a few comments tho. The number used is a mutual old friend’s. We all attended same secondary school. Normally wouldn’t bother responding but I secretly hope she will see and at least call. No be the money dey pain me but the fact that she is supposed to be a friend. But is it stupid of me to still think that maybe there is an explanation and she isn’t actually ignoring me? This hope is the only reason I no tag am, to be honest. But let me wait for another week first.
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Cindy contested in the fourth edition of big brother Naija where Mercy Eke emerged winner and has remained friends with some of the housemates till date. Since the show ended she has bagged some endorsement deals with luxury brands, while promoting her short skits, which she was known for before her journey into the Big brother House.

In January, after her 25th birthday, she was involved in a car accident where the car was totalled. She uploaded an appreciation post and captioned it ‘my 25th will never be the end of me. I am fine and safe, including the people with me in the car. A few bruises but nothing major. God, I thank you.’

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No one has discovered why people disappear and friendships turn sour when money enters the mix, but we hope Cindy does not have to travel to Owerri to get hers.

It might be okay to change the opening statement to, if you want to lose money, borrow a friend.
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