Cross Dresser James Brown Gets Competition

He Calls Himself Princess Of Nigeria

By  | Mar 09, 2021, 09:24 PM  | Drama

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The princess of Africa has gotten a contender!
James Brown was known as a dancer before he created a persona as a social media influencer with the brand ‘Princess of Africa’. He was also closely linked to Bobrisky, who he called his aunt, the queen until they had a fallout.

He was arrested alongside some other people in 2019 for being at a party that was reported to be organized for gay people. In the aftermath of his arrest, he became popular for his boldness in the face of law enforcement agents.

He stood his ground about his reason for being at the party which was to entertain the guests as a dancer. And when he was accused of being gay, he looked straight into the camera and asked ‘did they caught me?’

Since then, James has been vocal about everything on his social media, and he starts every video with his signature 'Hey Durlings'.

Presently, however, another face has emerged, and he starts his videos with 'Hey Durlings' too. Lord Casted, one of the disciples who drew Bobrisky’s face on his arms in the Tattoo Boom period and was given fifty thousand naira for his efforts, has come out to tell James to look for another market, because he has come to take over.

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‘If Being Like @bobrisky222Will Make A Way For Me.Darlings, I'm Fucking Ready To Take All The Steps Mother Took. I'm Ready To Risk Everything Mother Risked To Become Successful Woman.I'm Now The Princess Of Nigeria, Mrs Universe. Princess Don't Make Noises Unlike The China Phone We Have Here In Nigeria. I Remain Myself @yebedo1 The First Daughter Of The Queen Mother @bobrisky222 

James Brown has not given Lordcasted any response, but his best friend Tobi The Creator made a video to support his best friend. He said:

'The truth is some people are mad, some people are mad, they’re crazy. I went online now I saw one riffraff, calling princess of Nigeria, are you mad? Una be mates? See ehn they person wey even send you, send your mama, the person go ask am wetin e don do for that person. You dey mad? How dare you?
Oh they bought your loyalty with fifty thousand right? Because na wetin dem dey do be that. Trust me that’s what, yes,
After two weeks now they will throw you for trash, because trust me, now you are nothing.
You are nothing, you are nobody so don’t let somebody use you unto something that another person can help you, you dey mad? Guy get sense, you dey craze. And don’t ever in your life call my best friend in your nonsense, stupid, idiot publicity again. Fool.
See, treat your black knuckles, shey you dey see am, we no get knuckles, treat your black knuckles, all that your nonsense this thing, treat am before you go for anybody. Are you mad?
Guy warn yourself, na lagos we dey o, you dey mad?'
In the caption he wrote:


A follower was of the opinion that he just wanted to trend:

@tobithecreator_ u know what some people love looking for troubles and if the trouble now come they can’t face It I was shocked too when I saw the video I was now like is that not the guy bob just help bcc of mama face he drew on his hand but u know what the guy think that is how people make waves 🌊 funny people everywhere but to me I think he just wanna trend.'
We do not know if the kingdoms these people claim to be royalty in can be found on the map, but we’ll be waiting for James Brown to respond. He always does. 

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