Cynthia Morgan Apologises: We All Make Mistakes

She's had a change of heart...

By  | May 28, 2020, 07:45 AM  | Cynthia Morgan  | Drama

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Cynthia Morgan is giving her fans what they want - and that is a public apology!

The singer has had a rough week, from being portrayed as a helpless victim to being outed as a liar to now grovelling for our forgiveness.

But taking it in her stride the pop and dance-hall singer took to her Instagram page - of which she goes by her new moniker Madrina - to apologise for all the roller-coaster ride she put us through the last few days.

In the lengthy post Cynthia started off by thanking her fans and followers for their love and support.

She wrote; "I would like to use this platform to appreciate all the love, well wishes and support from everyone showing love to me, my health and my well being.

She also thanked Davido for offering her an olive branch in the form of a new song.

Cynthia then gave a special shout-out to Northside Records boss Jude Okoye - who she previously accused of exploitation as well as former manager Joy Tongo who accused the star of 'ruining her own career'.

"My heartfelt appreciation once gain goes to Jude and Joy. It is the pain speaking, not Cynthia. Thanks for giving me the platform to grow the Cynthia Morgan brand", she added.

The German Juice singer then went on to express her sincere remorse

She continued; "A lot has happened in the past. I erred, other parties involved had their fair share of blame, but we all make mistakes.... I was younger and new in the industry and in retrospect, some things could have been done differently instead of left unresolved.

"Also I allowed the hurt & pain from past dealings take over my emotions but moving on, I appreciate everyone clamoring for my return both online and offline.

Cynthia then pleaded with fans not to hold any grudges towards her.

She added; "I’m also asking Cynthia Morgan fans all over the world for understanding and patience on the new journey we are about to embark on.

"I won’t take this new opportunity for granted."

Read her full apology below;
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Meanwhile Naija media personality Do2dtun also took the time to issue a public apology to Jude after calling him "wicked" over the whole debacle.

Taking to Twitter, the star acknowledged that he had spoken in haste, and without knowing the full story.

Jude accepted the apology without hesitation.

Now we can all put the whole thing behind us!

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