Did Cynthia Morgan Just Threaten Her Former Manager In This IG Post

Don't mess with Cynthia and her money!

By  | Sep 11, 2020, 06:55 AM  | Cynthia Morgan  | Drama

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Cynthia Morgan is back on the gram demanding her money from record label boss Jude Okoye...but this time she's got a few shady tactics up her sleeve...

Days after calling out Jude - who managed her under the label Northside Records - Cynthia is at it again, but has roped in her former manager Joy Tonga, whom she's taken a bizarre swipe at too.

Posting a pic of Joy on her IG stories, Cynthia wrote the letters RIP (Rest In Peace) over the music manager's body, with what seemed to be a threatening instruction; "@joytongo tell your brother to pay me my money...7 million Naira if not more".

The singer then added her account details to the message in the hopes it would spur the pair on to pay what she believes they owe her.


Meanwhile Jude himself has demanded money from another artist - Dangote, who he claims owes him N20 billion!

He wrote on his own IG page; "“Dangote owes me 20 billion Naira!.... Pay me my money Dangote! Maybe, just maybe if I shout it long enough it would become real and he will pay up".

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However followers in the comment section believed Jude's post was just a ploy to deflect the attention off himself, in the midst of the drama surrounding Cynthia.

"Rubbish! Pay that girl her money," wrote one user, whilst another added; "He owes my Edo sister money...wicked man!"

Note to self: Don't owe anyone money - they will publicly drag you until you pay back every penny!

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