Cynthia Morgan Slams Davido & Jude Okoye In New Interview

Is Cynthia trying to trend again?

By  | Jun 30, 2020, 09:04 AM  | Cynthia Morgan  | Drama

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Cynthia Morgan - aka Madrina - has spoken out in a scathing interview about 'setting the record straight' again...

Not for the first time, the once popular Naija singer - who spoke out last month after years of being out of the limelight - has voiced her anger, disappointment and frustration at being exploited and misrepresented at the hands of Northside Records boss Jude Okoye.

Last week she slammed Jude on her Instagram Stories over his "evil ways". Now Cynthia is spilling the tea again.

In a press conference held on Monday, Cynthia claimed she wanted to clear her name after being dragged online for "lying to fans".  This after Jude disputed her version of events leading her to issue a public apology.

Cynthia said; "A lot is going on on the internet and I felt like I needed to tell my own side of the story. There was a lot of misunderstanding, so I'm here to clarify...personally I am over it and I would like to move on."

Cynthia claims she chose this time to speak out as she was tired of being portrayed in a negative light

She also claims it took her several weeks to get to this decision.

"I had issues with the lies" she said in response to Jude's version of events claiming the singer had knowingly signed a contract, which he deemed fair.

Cynthia says that parts of the contract - which leaked online - was "edited" or "missing". She also claimed that she provided "100%" of the costs up front, instead of "50%" as per contract and even disputed claims she breached the contract.

She also claimed Jude tried to force her to sign a new contract, of which she refused, which is when things started to go downhill. She also accused Jude of lying about buying her a new car and her mother a piece of property.

She continued; "He didn't have to treat me in an abusive manner...he was a bit of a manipulator...he felt like he's been hurt and he needs to hurt other people to feel better."

She also claimed Davido (who changed his cellphone number) did not deliver on his promise to collaborate with her

"He did reach out. I did try to get back to him but we've not been able to get a hold of him," she said.

Watch her full press conference below;
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