Davido's Biggest Critic Accuses Him Of Sexual Assault

The singer joins a long list of stars accused of rape and sexual assault...

By  | Jun 08, 2020, 07:43 AM  | Davido  | Drama

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As popular as Davido is, he has his fair share of haters - but no-one comes close to media personality Kemi Olunloyo...

The outspoken star has taken every opportunity to criticise and condemn the star, sometimes for the most shocking and bizarre of allegations like attempting to murder his friends by infecting them with coronavirus or poison his staff with spoilt food.

And whilst many social media users have wondered where all of her hate towards the singer stems from, it seems a shocking Twitter thread she posted on Sunday may have the answer.

Taking to social media, Kemi accused Davido of sexually assaulting her in 2018 in a Twitter thread about crimes against women in Nigeria

She tweeted; "@davido fans don't know how he sexually harassed me October 20th 2018....I HATE U davido with passion. You sexually harassed me! You apologise! It was WRONG".

Without going into details about the incident, Kemi claimed that Davido had also once insulted her by telling her on Twitter to "oil her p***y".

She continued; "A 55yo Journalist doing her job writes about you. You don't like it. What warrants you to go on Twitter telling her to "oil her pussy because she's lacking sex"? It is absolutely disrespectful".

She also claims that Davido alleged that she takes drugs, a claim which she disputed.

The blogger also dropped another bombshell - she alleged that Davido's mother died of a cocaine overdose adding; "Did your mother teach you manners? No! Vero died of a cocaine overdose".

Kemi also name-dropped another star - Tiwa Savage, who she claims begged her to end her feud with the singer

She added; "@TiwaSavage your mate plead to me several times to end this fight with you and I repeated to her it's NOT going to happen till you apologise for those tweets".

Kemi claims her history with the singer goes way back and that she even used to babysit him as a child. However it's clear that something along the way went horribly wrong.

Read the full thread below;

Kemi's revelation garnered mix responses from her followers.

Whilst some sympathised with her as a victim of sex assault and encouraged her to lay an official complaint against the celebrity, others called her out as "petty" and an "attention-seeker".

Davido has yet to address the allegations.

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