Tweeps React After Davido Is Linked To 'Killing 3 Friends' Allegation

Those are some serious allegations!

By  | May 26, 2020, 09:14 AM  | Davido  | Drama

Nigerian investigative journalist Kemi Olunluyo has made some serious allegations on her Twitter page, accusing an unknown person of 'killing' their 3 friends...

But Tweeps are reading between the lines and speculated that the person in question is none other than Naija's biggest artist, Davido.

Kemi took to Twitter to share the disturbing allegations and despite not tagging anyone, many claim her message is clearly geared at the D&G singer.

She tweeted; "You killed your three friends, Your state’s first 3 Corona deaths were your 2 drivers and a contact. You posted on Snap that you have #Covid19 then deleted it in seconds, pushing it to your baby mama. Living an imaginary life is sure rugged. Marriage my a**. #Kemitalks"

If Tweeps are to be believed that Kemi is indeed tweeting about Davido, then her accusations include;

-the singer not only testing positive for corona virus, but also infecting his drivers and a third contact (unfounded)
-claiming that Davido went public with his positive status on Snapchat, only to delete it a short while later (unconfirmed)
- pushing the positive status on his baby mama (Chioma did test positive for the corona virus back in March, whilst Davido alleged he tested negative)
-"Living an imaginary life is sure rugged" - playing on Davido's Tweet over the weekend that "this year is rugged".

Tweeps responded to Kemi's tweet with questions as to why she would make such serious and unfounded claims about the singer...

One tweep even accused Burna Boy of being behind Kemi's 'smear campaign' against his rival!

Kemi continued to throw shade on the timeline, but this time she mentioned  Davido by name...

The journo claimed she was disgusted by a video of Davido feeding his security guards leftover food.

She also took another swipe claiming Davido would be feeding his hired help 'palliatives' (medication) this year.

We're completely shooketh!

Will Davido respond to all the shade? We'll have to wait and see...

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Image credit: Instagram @davido