Don Jazzy At War With Rema Fans

Is this really the way to handle things?

By  | May 05, 2022, 09:22 AM  | Don Jazzy  | Drama

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It is always a tragedy when celebrities are beefing among themselves, especially those who work together. But once in a while they confuse us, as it happened with Don Jazzy, who ended up in a war of words with Rema’s fans. 

Now, this is particularly odd because Rema is signed to Don Jazzy’s record label, Mavin Records. You would imagine that they would be hard on the same side, but even those who work this well together are sometimes misunderstood by their fans.

It all started when the young singer was caught in another storm on social media. As often happens on Twitter, fans from different camps took to the platform to compare their favourite celebrities, inadvertently pitting them against each other. 

This time, though, Don Jazzy was not having it. He went online to speak for the record label, asking fans to refrain from engaging in idle hate and pitting the records’ artists against each other. He said that while he understands the appeal that some people find in fighting battles online for their faves, it is not the Mavin way, so the fans should not do the same for their artists. 

This did not sit well with Rema’s fans, who did not appreciate being asked not to defend their icon. They came at the producer, telling him plainly that they would not sit by and watch Rema get flamed online without stepping in to defend him. 

But Don Jazzy had time, and he clapped back. One fan, he reminded that he is not boss, and as such, he should stop trying to pretend to be boss. 

He also made it abundantly clear that the only thing that musicians have ever needed or wanted from their fans is that they listen and enjoy their music. Everything else is a side show, and they do not need the fans waging war online for petty drama points that end up potentially ruining the legacy the artist is trying to build with their great craft. 

Shortly after, Don Jazzy was accused of never having defended Rema online when he was new to the scene and was constantly under attack online because he was being compared to legends. Fans felt like it was hypocritical of the producer to speak up now, when he doesn’t normally come to his artist’s defence historically. 

But the producer explained that he has always been on Rema’s side – what does it benefit him to not support his own label’s artist? However, his support will not be shown by fighting with anonymous strangers online. He did interviews about it, and when that did not work, he just sat back and hoped the fans would take the hint and let it all go. 

What do you think? Is Don Jazzy fronting, or do the fans have it all wrong? 

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