"Don't Suffer For A Man" - Singer Teni

Apparently, "wife material" is a scam

By  | May 10, 2022, 12:19 PM  | Drama

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Teni the Entertainer usually tends to do her best to stay off hot topics on social media, but it looks like she is slowly getting more comfortable sharing her opinion online and we love to see it. 

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The singer recently took to social media to offer some much needed advice to her female fans and followers. She asked them never to accept to suffer for a man. Suffering is not your portion if you are a gorgeous babe, she said. You deserve endless enjoyment. 

As you can imagine, the gents did not take kindly to her advice, and many questioned why she thinks she is qualified to speak on such a matter, or to give such authoritative advice like she is some sort of expert on the topic. 

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According to some male followers, the singer grew up rich, so she knows nothing about struggle. As such, it is extremely wrong for her to be propping herself up as an authority on when people should or should not allow themselves to go through hardship. 

Others felt like the advice she was giving was rather shallow. According to these ones, people should be willing to stick by each other through thick and thin, regardless of their gender. If the roles were reversed, there would have been an uproar about men being advised not to stick with women through the tough times. 

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But perhaps the funniest (and most outrageous) response was from one fan who asked how men are supposed to know who is wife material, if women are not going to stick through the struggle. 

For this, Teni had time. She responded to the follower’s question, demanding to know whether remaining graceful through unnecessary suffering is the only thing that can make a woman be deemed as “wife material”. She didn’t say it, but from her response, we can feel exactly what she was saying – “Mark me absent and give me zero.” 

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Teni is not the only Nigerian celebrity to speak out against ladies sticking with their men throughout the struggle stages. Popular social media personality Bobrisky recently also asked women not to settle for broke or poor men, and told them to go for rich men only. 

Bobrisky further said that it has never benefited a woman to be a good girl. The whole concept of “good girls” was invented to bamboozle women into settling for struggle in an attempt to win some approval. But it is really the bad girls who have all the fun or get everything they want out of life. 

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Much like it played out with Teni, Bobrisky caught a lot of flames for this strong opinion. But this has always been her gospel, and we doubt she is going to stop preaching it any time soon, regardless of whether people approve of it or not. 

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