Dorathy Handles Fan With Wisdom

She Doesn't Have The Facilities For Violence

By  | Feb 03, 2021, 03:59 PM  | Drama

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In the not-so early hours of Wednesday morning, a BBN fan by the name of Debby asked a question on under ex-housemate Dorathy Bachor’s page. ‘ who is the most endowed, Nengi or Dorathy?’
Dorathy responded: ‘Debby, two blessed queens. Comparison is the killer of joy. Stay happy’.
Dorathy came in the top five and left the reality tv show after 90 days in the house. This isn't the first time Dorathy would display maturity in her response to an overzealous fan.

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Since the show ended, she has enjoyed endorsements, sponsorships and several gifts from her fans. She was gifted a Mercedes Benz by her fans on her birthday.

Fan Dynamics
Fandom is filled with intrigue and drama. It’s a web of interconnectedness that the human mind dare not try to unravel.
A person could be person A’s fan, but not be person B’s fan, yet not have an issue with person B. Another person could be person A’s fan but have a second group that is a joint of interests with person B’s fan group.
Another group of fans are those who are Person A’s fans, who loathe Person B and their fans, because of fallout.
There is yet another group, who love person A and love person B and their fans because they love each other.

These fans personalize their fave’s happiness and anger.
The contenders with a high chance of winning have frequent disputes while the ones with a low chance of winning form alliances.
It gets more complex when a fan’s faves from one season are not friends with the person's faves from the next season. And maze goes on and on.

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Fan Love
The alliance Dorathy formed with Prince in the house crystalised into a stronger friendship after the show. In the present day, their fans go out of their way to keep them relevant and celebrate when either one of them secures a new bag. Dorathy’s fans were overjoyed when Prince became a brand ambassador for Guinness, and Prince’s fans were elated when Dorathy became a brand ambassador for DSTV.

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On their birthdays, the two fan groups took time to exchange wishes to for their faves, because in the world of social media, your fave’s friend is your friend, and your fave’s enemy had better be careful.

Fan Wars
Every year there is a set of people whose fans do most of the talking. At a time, it was Bisola and Efe, next it was Tacha and Mercy, and most recently, Erica and Laycon. In warring times, caution is thrown to the dogs; people forget that it’s a game and try to outdo each other in gifts, wit, and fists.

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A housemate Kiddwaya was asked why some of the housemates still do not talk to each other and he explained that sometimes it’s the pressure to not appear as weak in the sight of their fans that stops people who should be friends from being so.

Dorathy is living in peace and encouraging others to do the same.

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