Eniola Badmus Sets The Record Straight On 'Giveaway Fraud' Accusations

It isn't all it seems...

By  | May 01, 2020, 11:00 AM  | Eniola Badmus  | Drama

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Eniola Badmus trended for all the wrong reasons this week when she was accused of trying to profit money from a Good Samaritan...

The Nollywood actress was dragged on social media for allegedly charging a hefty fee to a man who offered to donate money to poor Nigerians.

It all went down in the DMS when a man by the name of Pius Ade Omoyele got in contact with Eniola where he requested that she announce on her Instagram page a giveaway of N500,000 to be shared amoung 100 needy Nigerian families.

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According to leaked screenshots doing the rounds, Ebiola obliged but warned the man that it would cost him an additional N150,000 to grant his wish.

The money would go to her, allegedly for the services provided.

But fans were up in arms about the whole transaction, accusing Eniola of being greedy by trying to make money off the backs of an act of charity.

Even the donor was shocked to say the least and threatened to cancel the whole giveaway.

But following the negative attention directed her way, Eniola has now chosen to set the record straight.

Disputing the allegations, she claims the fee she added was actually to cover the cost of bank charges as she would be responsible for making the numerous transfers.

In a separate post Eniola detailed the correct version of events.

She wrote; “This particular person indicated interest to do a 500 hundred thousand Naira giveaway and I felt there will be extra cost for bank charges and stamp duty, which I wasn’t going to bare the transfer charges  for that, so I asked he bares it. (sic)"

“We all know sending money to 100 people is quite tasking. Is just funny the way people are quick to judge."

Just goes to show that you should never judge a story until you have all the facts!

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