FAN WARS: Elites, Ninjas And Exploras

Egungun Be Careful, Na Express You Dey Go

By  | Feb 10, 2021, 07:41 PM  | Drama

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Fan wars are always intense and take the attention away from the icons to their supporters. Sometimes, it’s between musicians, other times it’s between actors. Most recently it has been between reality TV stars.

Of late, TV stars Erica, Dorathy and Nengi have been in the news for bagging mouth-watering deals and climbing up the social and financial ladder.
When the BBN season started, it was a fight for who got the most attention, who was the viewers’ favourites, and who was most likely to win or be the last girl standing among the ladies. But if we look closely, the fans are the ones on the race track, trying to make sure their favourites outdo the other.

This is the story of an undergraduate who had lively, friendly roommates until she returned to school and found that they belonged to different camps.
She came on Twitter to share her experience of how she lost a customer who was Erica’s fan, simply because she was Nengi’s fan.

Never thought I'll post this but Ninjas your advice is needed I'm back in school and turns out my roomies are Exploras and Elites. We hadn't built a solid relationship before the lockdown cause we had just stayed together a month before the holiday but we vibed really well, It's a school hostel and y'all know, in school hostels, you get new roomies every session.
So in my room, we're 4, 2 elites and 1 explora and I'm the ninja TBH, it might seem like it's just BBN stanship but these girls attitudes towards me have changed since we resumed, I know we weren't so close but now they're cold towards me.
I talked to them about it and one of them told me straight up that she can't vibe with a Ninja, to say I was shocked is an understatement. I mean we live in the same room, I've even avoided talking about Nengi just so we can vibe but Nah, they're just so cold.

Like I really dunno how to cope with them for a whole session, it's school hostel so I can't even change roomies. It's really difficult being in a room with 3 people you can't vibe with I remember when an elite refused to buy my braided wig Cause I'm a ninja.

I thought this was just stanship but a lotta people are really taking it far. Pls advice me on how to cope with these girls without having to fight with them. Cause one of them has been doing stuff to provoke me.
Another person commented:

If it makes u feel better and Elite was denied a job in Lagos a few months back because the boss was an icon REST.

Okay, it appears that a lot of people are taking it too far.

The ladies in question have not had any public argument. They are excelling in their careers, minding their businesses and enjoying their lives. 

Hopefully, the undergraduates would be occupied with course work from their lecturers soon, and focus on the business that will pay them in future. 

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