Femi Branch Calls For Police To Arrest Hotel Owner

Secret Cameras In Each Room Revealed

By  | Feb 02, 2021, 12:54 PM  | Femi Branch  | Drama

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Nigerian actor, playwright and poet Femi Branch has called on the police force and government of Ogun state to arrest a hotelier for planting cameras in their hotel rooms. The name of the hotel is Pavilion Hotel and suites, in Ayepe, Ogun state. He made the video to lend his voice to the incident that happened a few days ago when a customer recorded his process of disconnecting the camera which was hidden inside the air conditioner in the room.

In the video, the customer expressed anger at the fact that his brother and mother had been naked in that room and were possibly recorded in their nakedness, without their consent. He also went to meet the staff, who admitted that they had planted cameras indeed. In the conversation that ensued, the guest threatened to post the video online, and the owner responded that he could do whatever he felt like doing.

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Femi Branch was concerned that, apart from someone’s nakedness or sexual activities being recorded without their knowledge, guests' lives had been put at risk: their movements could be traced, their personal belongings could be stolen, confidential information could be leaked.

‘We need to be vigilant, it’s not a laughing matter. What would make somebody plant cameras in a hotel room? What’s the motive? The police should do a thorough investigation of all the guests that have patronized this hotel, to find out whether after they left any of them was robbed or murdered or kidnapped’.
Some of the comments under the video read: 
‘The fact that people have to be calling on the government to arrest the hotelier, shows that this country is messed. By now we should be 
seeing the photos of the hotelier in handcuffs and his license seized’.
‘Honestly, this is a very serious situation, and they can use such vital information to blackmail people. They should face the wrath of the law’.

‘But seriously why will they put cameras inside a hotel room?? To see what exactly? Police won’t do anything, since it doesn’t require collecting bribes useless lot!’
In a reaction to the video, a colleague in the industry Bukky Wright also shared it on her Instagram page.

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An executive of the Nigeria Hotel Association has responded. He said the association has begun to look into the allegation. installation of cameras inside guest rooms is very wrong, it’s an invasion of guest privacy and it is devilish. The executive explained that cameras could be installed on the corridors, stairways, and around the building, but not inside the private rooms of guests.
He added that the punishment for any hotel that does such is expulsion from the association.

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Femi Branch has a presence on social media as the National Vice President Southwest of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and also a custodian of cultural values.
He lent his voice to the End Sars Campaign, and also in the scripture challenge- an online challenge started by comedian Arole; to promote the knowledge of the bible at a time when the silhouette challenge was running the airwaves.
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