Funke Akindele Accused Of Abusing Her Staff

Is Funke the boss from hell?

By  | Jul 01, 2020, 09:08 AM  | Funke Akindele  | Drama

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Funke Akindele has been exposed by several of her employees for mistreatment and exploitation...

The Naija actress was dragged on social media this week over claims she physically, verbally and emotionally abused her personal staff.

A woman by the name of Cassandra Owolabi aka 'Khassie' went public with her story on how she was subjected to working under "duress and fear" as a writer penning scripts for Funke.

In a damning video posted on her Instagram, Khassie claimed that she was forced to work all night without sleep, demoralised and monitored 24 hours a day.

Khassie claims she was called a number of insults by Funke including; "idiot", "goat", "fat", "rubbish" and "lazy" amongst others. She also witnessed Funke "slapping" several other employers.

Khassie says in the video; "Working for her is like an enslavement, she robs you of your fundamental human rights, no freedom of movement, speech or expression.

"She does these malicious things because she has confidence in her fan base...[she thinks] my fans will never believe this about me. So it makes it hard to come out and say what this person is like.

"This is modern day slavery."

Khassie also opened up about being exploited, claiming she wrote five seasons of hit TV show Jenifa's Diary starring Funke, but ever once received credit for it

"She is very very stingy and petty when it comes to giving you credit", claimed Khassie

The screenwriter also says she suffered from depression & anxiety, low-self esteem and health issues at the hands of the ordeal, which took her months to overcome.

In addition, Khassie claims she initially spoke out about Funke a month ago in a YouTube video only for it to be reported and taken down.

Watch the tell-all below...
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Following Khassie's revelation, several more people have spoken up to share the stories of being victims at the hands of Funke.

However one former employee has come out to defend Funke against the allegations.

Aspiring actor Tobi Makinde claims Funke took him under her wing and groomed him to become a industry professional.

He wrote in an Instagram post; "She believed in me, took me as a son, scolded me when I messed up all in a bid to make me better at my craft. Only the patient and hardworking will understand who you really are. Thank you mom for everything and may God keep blessing you."
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