"Genevieve Is Sick, Not On Drugs" - Stella Dimoko-Korkus

The blogger says now is not the time to slam the actress

By  | May 11, 2022, 09:44 AM  | Genevieve Nnaji  | Drama

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Fans have been expressing concern for actress Genevieve Nnaji for a while now. But after rumours emerged that she was not doing so well because she was battling a drug problem, blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus (SDK) has come out strongly to refute these rumours. 

It all started shortly after the actress cleared her Instagram account, by deleting all the photos she has ever posted and unfollowing everybody. This caused a lot of concern as fans raised questions about whether she was really doing okay. 

Shortly after this, news broke that Genevieve had reportedly been hospitalized. As Gist Lovers reported, the actress was allegedly sent to hospital following a long battle with mental health issues caused by drug abuse. 

According to the blogger, the actress has been undergoing treatment for mental health issues for a while now, and fans need to pray for her. The blogger stated their source as an anonymous nurse in the UK, who allegedly works at the hospital in Texas where the actress has been taken in. 

The blogger also alleged that Genevieve is hiding her real sexuality, revealing that the actress is a lesbian. However, for this one, they had no source. 

But SDK did not take lightly to the news doing the rounds on social media, and has taken to her own page to straighten them out. 

According to SDK, the actress has been battling a medical condition for a while now, and she has known about it. However, she did not think it would be prudent to speak on the matter, and chose instead to let Genevieve heal first. 

But she was taken aback to find out that a registered nurse was allegedly releasing false information. And even if it had been true, surely it is not right for a registered healthcare professional to go around leaking information about their patient, and that the nurse deserves to lose their job and their licence for that. 

Stella has declined to give any information on the nature of Genevieve’s illness, though, even as she clarifies that it is not drug related. She is still of the belief that gossiping about and judging the actress will not be helpful to her healing, and what she needs now is prayers, not gist.

It is not hard to see why concern has been mounting over how Genevieve is doing. According to the initial post by Gist Lover, the actress allegedly used a blade to give herself a tattoo of a cross on her wrist. 

She has also been missing in action, especially on social media, which many fans thought strange, considering her celebrity status. Gist Lover says her media team has been overworking to keep the story out of the press. 

Whatever the case may be, fans have come to a consensus that she is definitely dealing with something tough, and the best thing for her is that they all come together to show her love and support. 

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