"I Am A Billionaire, I Attract My Kind"

Nkechi Blessing Sunday only wants billionaires

By  | Apr 20, 2022, 01:58 PM  | Drama

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Remember when Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s marriage blew up in a lot of drama just a few weeks ago? Well, now the actress has made it clear that she is only interested in billionaires.
The America based actress recently took to Instagram to play matchmaker for someone she considers close to her. Sharing a selfie of herself with renowned auto car dealer, Chidi Mike Cars, she encouraged all those who are single and searching to waste no time and slide in his DMs immediately. 

My elder brother❤️ the love doctor himself 🙌 Are you single and searching? Then you should be in @chidi.mike_cars DM by now👌 He’s giving me one igbo billionaire Soon😩🤦🏻‍♀️👅🏃‍♀️,” she wrote. 

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But fans had their minds on other things instead. I mean, Mike is a fine fine man, and the ladies all recognized it,  but they wondered why Nkechi would be giving him away for free like that. 

Some suggested that she should proceed to be with him herself. I mean, they do look good together, don’t they? Well, she promised to think about that, so I guess hope is not completely lost. 
However, the bigger percentage was more focused on another portion of her caption than her intention: that she said CMC would be giving her an Igbo billionaire, and they went wild with their comments on this preference. 

One fan told her that she needs to set aside her aspirations for an Igbo billionaire, and instead date a Hausa billionaire, so she can be a “proper Nigerian”. But we were not expecting her response, as she said that she has done that already, and is now moving on to the next.
Another one called her Mrs Falegzy, which he has rejected with the heat from a thousand suns. I mean, we get it, considering how her marriage to Falegan Opeyemi David ended, but she went so hard with her response, and left fans in stitches! 

Of course, there were those who took it as a moment to share their ‘wisdom’ about choosing a mate. One fan told her that she should not be focused on money, but rather should be looking for a good man who will love, care for, and respect her. 
But NBS knows exactly what she wants, and it’s a billionaire. She clapped back in the most NBS-like way, telling the commenter to rather tell his sisters to look for a poor man. She is a billionaire, and knows she attracts her kind. 

Once again, NBS is exactly who she thinks she is, and if you are gonna come for her, you better come correct. 
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