"I Have To Check My Children" - Korra Obidi

This is how she protects them

By  | May 12, 2022, 04:56 PM  | Drama

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Korra Obidi recently shared some news about her co-parenting arrangement that rubbed many of her fans the wrong way. She revealed that when she gets her kids back after some time apart, she makes sure to check them. 

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The American based singer and dancer is currently going through a messy divorce from her estranged husband Justin Dean. This means that they have shared custody of their two daughters, June and Athena. 

The children are back safely and we thank God. And we checked them; everything is fine,” she said, as she looked adoringly at her baby Athena. 

This simple remark seems to have triggered a lot of division from her fans. Some felt like it was completely wrong for her to be checking the children after they have been with their father, as it feels like she is saying she does not trust him. 

Korra lashed out at this, as she said they are her children and she has every right to check them if she wants to. All those who do not like it are free to avoid checking their children, but they cannot tell her how to parent her own children. 

Of course others were on her side, feeling like she is completely justified in doing so. Apart from being their mother, she may have her reasons for not completely trusting Justin, and it is not hard to see why, seeing how he acted with the whole divorce issue. If she wants to put in extra measures to ensure her kids are safe and happy, it is her prerogative to do so. 

Another contentious issue with their custody arrangement, according to fans, has been that the younger girl is only two or so months old, and is still breastfeeding. How, then, are they separated for hours on end when Korra is literally the baby’s food? 

On this issue, a majority of the fans have sided with Korra, as they have tried to talk sense in Justin. Since he posts a video of himself with the kids every time he has them, it is easy to track it. And the fans feel like it is very selfish of him to be taking Athena away from her mother when she is still so young. 

June is old enough to go a day or longer without her mother,  but Athena isn’t. The fans think Justin is being petty by taking Athena so frequently and possibly disrupting her feeding, which may inadvertently have an effect on her growth milestones. While they sympathise with the fact that he misses them and wants to spend more time with them, there has to be a better way, for the sake of the little one. 

What do you think? Is she going too far or is she well within her rights? 

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