Is Yul Edochie Already Regretting His Decision?

What's with all the throwback videos?

By  | May 11, 2022, 01:03 PM  | Drama

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Despite all the drama that he has been through with his family of late, actor and aspiring politician Yul Edochie has remained keen on making it clear that he made the right decision. But with his recent social media activity, people are starting to wonder, is he having regrets already. 

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Naturally, we are referring to when he went online to introduce his little son to the world. He announced that it was his baby with his “second wife”. 

Since he has been married for over 17 years, and he was accused of infidelity just a year back, the timelines fit and fans deduced that he had not actually married the “second wife”, Judy Austin, but was probably only making the announcement to save face since the elections are drawing closer and he hopes to run for president. 

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In the last few days, he has shared photos and videos of his family – the one he built with his first wife, May Edochie. He started with a video of him and May in their car, goofing off and having fun together.

From the video, it seemed as though the actor had finally gotten his family affairs in order, and that he and May are alright now. But May moved swiftly to put an end to his attempt to mislead their fans, saying that it was an old video, and she still neither believes in nor supports polygamy.

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This is consistent with her initial reaction when Yul broke the news a few weeks ago. Back then, she commented on Yul’s post acknowledging Judy Austin as his second wife, asking God to judge them both. It was clear that he caught her off guard. And now she is doubling down on the fact that she is not going to welcome Judy into the family any time soon. 

Shortly after the first video, he also shared a photo of himself with his three sons that he had with May, introducing them by name as the Yul Edochie boys. 

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In his caption, he said that the photo was from last night, but fans are not buying it. I mean, with the photo quality that exists now, that picture does not exactly look all too recent. Additionally, he was already caught in a lie only a few hours earlier, so they figured he was doing the same thing. 

Fans have been flaying him for his sudden interest in sharing throwback photos of his family. Looking at how proud he has been of late, it seems like an interesting change of heart, doesn’t it? 

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Now, they are forced to wonder whether he is having regrets about recklessly tearing his family apart. The reminiscing may be cute,  but will it actually save his family?

Of course, there are those who believe this is just more clout chasing, so that he can get traffic to his page to market and campaign. But now he is doing a little too much. 

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