Joro Advises Ladies To Have A Contingency Boyfriend

The Men Are Coming For His Head In Droves

By  | Feb 09, 2021, 10:15 PM  | Drama

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Good advice is like water to a parched throat, it refreshes you. Sometimes too, bad advice is like water to a parched throat until you realize it wasn’t water you were drinking after all.

We can’t exactly place where this particular advice of Joro Olumofin will stand though, because some of his followers take his word as law and his posts as the gospel truth.

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The love doctor and blogger recently advised ladies to have a backup boyfriend to help them through their break up moments and prevent them from having rebounds. According to him, the backup boyfriend is husband material that the lady has kept securely in the friend zone.

Ladies, 2021 is here. Do you have a Backup BF? Start recruiting backup BF today. 
 Start accepting CVs for Backup BF. With the level of heartbreak and depression amongst ladies who just got out of relationships, I believe it’s time for ladies to have a “CONTINGENCY BOYFRIEND”; a backup boyfriend. Who is a contingency boyfriend? A contingency boyfriend is a guy who fits all your criteria of a husband material but is your platonic friend ( no sex involved). You talk to him often, you hang out with him and involve him in your daily activities, he’s aware of your boyfriend.

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A lot of ladies are facing emotional hardships in their breakup and being rebounded by at least 5 Guys risking high body counts till they find another boyfriend. I strongly suggest that every lady in a relationship should have a backup boyfriend who she can marry 6 months after her breakup in other to avoid Depression and the rebound/waiting syndrome. #ThinkLikeAMan. 90% of men have Contingency Girlfriends. 

That’s why after a breakup men get married 2-6 months later. If you think your boyfriend doesn’t have a backup Gf “awww” you’re a learner. PS if you know you catch feelings easily don’t have a B.Bf
A female follower expressed her sadness at not having taken the advise last year, and tried to shoot her shot at Joro:
Joro I wish I took this advice last year. Meanwhile, Joro will you be my back up boyfriend? 

The men did not take this piece of advice so well by the men on his page, a user commented: 
Joro this post does not make sense... U're enabling these girls to cheat!
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Some men were more concerned because it’s a man’s world, and women are not supposed to have that kind of privilege.
He posted screenshots of the responses he got, most of them were focused on being the ones with an upper hand in their relationship. They were angry with Joro for giving women an alternative in dealing with their heartbreak.

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Apart from giving people advice, Joro’s page has been used to link people looking for love with romantic partners, from all parts of the world.
He recently posted a picture of a couple who gave birth to a baby girl after finding love and getting married through his page, 

Relationships are dicey, and Joro has found himself smack in the middle. Thankfully he has a sense of humour.

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