Ka3na Slams Fan That Tattooed Her Name On Her Thigh

She Says It's Wrong

By  | Feb 24, 2021, 12:57 PM  | Drama

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Not everyone loves fan devotion, this TV Star has shown us. Celebrities have rewarded their fans for tattooing their names and faces on parts of their bodies, but Bosslady Katrina educated this fan on the foolishness of the action and advised her against it.

Ka3na was a housemate on BBNaija lockdown. She posted the video the fan sent to her, inking her name on her thigh and did not see why someone would take such a decision that they were most likely going to regret.

‘I’m just here to talk about this particular girl who drew me or tattooed my name on her thigh ka3na. That’s the video or that’s the picture. Like how can you do something like this to your own body? A tattoo is permanent…

‘If you love me or you’re my fan, there are ways you can actually show me, by always posting my pictures, always on my comment section,  attending my events, and everything just to see me and take pictures with me. Not tattooing my name on your body. Guys this is wrong'. 

'Celebrities that encourage these fans need to stop. How can you be giving these naïve fans money for tattooing your face or your name on their body when you know this is really wrong? To themselves and like, it’s totally wrong’.
After a few minutes she uploaded another video:

‘Okay, follow up video. What this particular girl did is wrong and I’m not in support of it. I am not encouraging it. Like the other day, I was scanning a particular video of a lady who tattooed Davido’s kids on her back, and I was like what amount of compensation would make you be so stupid and naïve to do something like that to your own body?

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I think this is popping up on social media about someone tattooing my name on her thigh. I feel fans need to stop doing this. There are other ways of appreciating your faves and showing love to celebrities, rather than tattooing their name on your skin. Please, this is permanent stuff.

 Tattoo is something that should be personal. It’s something that you do for your own self. Okay, maybe your mother’s face, maybe you’ve lost your mum that was very dear to you, and you want to have her close, these are the reason why people should draw,  why you should even think of tattooing someone’s face or name on your body or maybe you tattoo your child’s face or name on your body... These are things you can never regret doing…’

The next story she uploaded was one to respond to the people calling her a hypocrite. She had tweeted to her fans that she was looking for who would tattoo her name on their body after

Fans wondered why after she had asked them to do it, she was bashing someone who took the courage to get a tattoo of her name.

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In the story, she claimed she was catching a cruise and did not expect anybody to do what she had said.

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The lady in question also released a video to let Ka3na now that she did it out of love and was not expecting the TV star to do anything special for her.

What matters is, when she no longer loves Ka3na, would she be able to get her name off her skin? Time will tell.

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