Laura Ikeji Advises Women To Get Lawyers Before Receiving Gifts

They Need To Secure Their Property

By  | Feb 27, 2021, 03:47 PM  | Drama

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Social media influencer and Fashionista Laura Ikeji Kanu commented on the recent happenings in the country where boyfriends were recorded taking back their gifts from their girlfriends.

Two videos made the internet shake: the first one was at a restaurant. A lady and a man were having lunch when suddenly another man who was alleged to be her boyfriend appeared on the scene and pulled the wig off her head. Next, he removed her slippers, some other things she wore, and left her sitting helplessly.

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Another video that was released showed a caterpillar destroying a house. It was reported that a jilted lover had gifted the house to his girlfriend, but when the relationship ended, he decided to bring down the house. 

Those videos prompted Laura to make a statement. She called for an emergency meeting and advised ladies on how to handle gifts from their boyfriends of the moment. She proposed that ladies introduced contract signing before receiving any gifts so that they didn’t have to give it back when the relationship ended.

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‘Don’t abuse me o, this is my personal opinion, right? I feel like it’s our right as women to collect gifts, from our husbands and our boyfriends, it is our rights to collect these gifts. 

Now, these days that these guys are going crazy, and of course your husband can not collect the gifts he gives you, but these days that these boyfriends are beginning to collect their gifts back, we need to do something about it. There must be an emergency meeting, you know.

So my opinion is before you get gifts from this guy, I mean your boyfriend of that moment, I think you should get a pen and paper, and get a lawyer because you got to sign and tell me that this gift is mine forever. Anything you give me is mine forever, regardless of what happens, so that these guys will not come and be embarrassing us and disgracing us outside, you got to sign. 
If you buy me a car, sign. If you buy me a house, sign. So you don’t come and break my house one day. Come and sign, sign it!’
Her followers contributed in her comment section:

A friend of mine actually made a sugar daddy sign some documents for the house and some other valuables gift he gifted her and everything was in her name.. And when eventually parted ways everything was hers

My own is you can't shame the can't freaking try it with me oooooooo we die there we go embarrass ourselves Wella
Only the ones bought by kayamata boyfriend. When his eyes clear, he collects them back but with true love, no way. The gifts are yours jare. No hard feelings. My opinion oo. Don't abuse me like mama said.

I totally agree with you. After seeing the video of the lady that the guy even took her wig sef. Kai, it has become disgraceful for us to ask for signed contract but it has become necessary

Her next upload revealed that men on her page did not like her advise. She still stuck to her opinion and asked them to sign.

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