Laura Wants To Help A Blogger Get Her Husband

The Blogger Is Obviously Obsessed With Mr Kanu

By  | Feb 27, 2021, 05:01 PM  | Drama

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Laura is not afraid of women flocking around or making passes at her rich husband. After making a video to comment on the recent happenings in relationships in the country, where the men collect the gifts they’ve given their girlfriends in the wake of a breakup, she made another one to address a female blogger whose preoccupation was to blog about her husband, Ogbonna Kanu. 

She asked the blogger to let her know if she is in love with her husband:

‘If you’re in love with my husband let me know, tell me. I don’t mind I can share. Ehn, you are obsessed with this guy, you talk about this guy all the time, like, that is the only person you blog about so often. 
You are obsessed with my husband. I feel very flattered you know, like you are obsessed with this guy, if you want my guy let me know. I’m the wife, I am the legal wife. Let me know so that I can help you
You stupid ass blackmailer. You, you know yourself’

Her caption beneath the video was:

‘Stupid ass BLACKMAILER!!! Agbokoloko . He won’t be attracted to u I swear. She blogs about him every day. Nasty obsession. oh and. B*tch u know where to find me’.

We like the confidence. Not many celebrities can say for sure what their husbands like.

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Laura has been married to Ogbonna Kanu for four years, and they have two children: a boy and a girl.
According to the followers in the comment section, the blogger Laura called out is known as Ifeomafinegirl. The blogger has made her page private to lock people out.
Her followers were surprised at the way she handled the situation without being upset:

'You have A1 in social media matters. How can someone be so angry and not show it? Smiling through it. Laura the unbreakable'

Wahala no too much so? Bikonu everybody should get their man oo oo oh because if you collect my man hmmmmmm I go marry you give the oldest man for my village as e go take happen no body go know'
A follower asked for the lady’s handle so that they would transfer leftover curses from the ones people gave to Rosy Meurer after she allegedly broke Tonto Dikeh’s home.

What's her handle? Make we bless her with left over of Rosy's curses. Iya won 

This follower was concerned about the trend of ladies going after married men:

I still don’t understand the trend going on with girls and other people’s husband please what is it? Girls can’t we get our own man again! Funny enough they are even proud of it now🤮 Ogun get to work fast!

A lady whose name is Creamy Mimii asked her to tag the person’s handle because it’s 2021

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This is 2021 we call names when dragging anyone call the person name biko.

Laura made another post to laugh at the effrontery of Ifeomafinegirl to give her husband a nickname: 

She doesn’t seem to be bothered, but if there’s anything we have learnt from social media, it’s not to believe everything we hear or see. 

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