Mercy Aigbe Remains Unbothered By All The Hate

She will cash in on the scandal

By  | May 10, 2022, 02:56 PM  | Drama

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Mercy Aigbe has had quite a long few days on social media, as her name has been dragged for filth. But she is here to make it clear that she remains unbothered by all the hate going on right now. 

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Everything erupted into a lot of drama when the actress’s husband, Kazim Adeoti, got dragged and called out by his first wife Funsho Adeoti, online. 

The estranged wife took to Instagram to share her frustrations, as she wrote a lengthy post insulting the man and his new wife. 

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She shared screenshots of direct messages she had sent to her estranged husband, in which she addressed both him and Mercy Aigbe, calling her all manner of names, including calling her “that b***h of a wife”. 

Addressing Mercy in her caption, she said she had left her take the man, but she was not ready to give up her sweat and all the hard work she had put in to build her big house, demanding that Mercy should no longer live in the house she shared with Kazim before their marriage went up in flames. 

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Like I told you, you can have him, keep him do whatever the h-ll you want with him, BUT one thing I will NOT LET GO OF is my SWEAT, WHAT I WORKED HARD FOR,” she wrote. She then questioned the audacity that Mercy has, calling her a “little girl”, and telling her off for daily showing off the gorgeous house, knowing very well she did not put in any hard work for it to be built. 

She then addressed their husband, commanding him to take charge of the situation with Mercy before she is forced to act in an undesirable way. 

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This came shortly after the actress had shared videos of herself in the hotly contested house, which was clear because we have all seen past photos and videos of Funsho at the same staircase. 

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Kazim has since come out to retort at his estranged wife, saying that he did all the hard work of building the house. 

In as much as there is nothing bad in husband and wife building house together, in my case, we did not. I built the house by myself. When I was furnishing the house, she bought some furnishing materials and part of the money I have refunded. My second wife had added some furnishing to the house as well,“ he wrote.

Since the saga, the actress has been at the top of Twitter trends all day, but she seems to remain unbothered by all of it. She has declined to respond, and has taken advantage of the fact that she is trending to market her upcoming new film. 

What’s that thing they say? All publicity is good publicity. Well, Mercy Aigbe should be teaching a class on that concept. 

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