Naira Marley: I’m A Marlian But I’m Anti-Cultist

That's One Vice That He Cannot Handle

By  | Feb 03, 2021, 12:39 PM  | Naira Marley  | Drama

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Popular Nigerian musician and President of the marlians association Azeez Fashola, also called Naira Marley has stated his stance on cultism.
It seemed fitting to make this clarification because from all indications his marlians take his word seriously.

Marlians used to be the name for Naira Marley’s disciples. Their motto has always been ‘no mannaz’; which gives them the liberty to be unruly or go against popular opinion and social conduct. However, these days the name has gone beyond the stretch of his fan base and has become a cover for people to misbehave and wreak havoc. 

Naira Marley's music influences popular culture. The impact of his music reflects in the language, dressing, and behaviour of the people who swear by his music- both online and offline.
What does Naira Marley need to do to get people to follow him?

Nothing. Naira came on the music scene a few years ago with his single marry Juana the song that preceded his first EP ‘Gotta Dance’. Then he went on to release Issa Goal, which was the Super Eagles Theme song at the 2018 World Cup.  
He was arrested for alleged fraud by the EFCC in 2019 the day after he released ‘Am I A Yahoo Boy’. When he was incarcerated he released a song right from the prison titled ‘4 nights in Ekohtiebo’. He was arraigned and pleaded not guilty.

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On the day of his bail hearing, he released another song ‘Why’. Marley was out of sight, but not out of mind. As soon as he was released from jail he released a song about his experience of inmate sexual habits in the cell, ‘Soapy’, using his music to give people imagery that they might never otherwise see with their own two eyes.

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His second EP ‘Lord of Lamba’ was released in2019
It could be for this reason- his openness and fearlessness- that his numbers keep rising. 
Marley uses topical issues in society to make music: women, sex, weed, fraud, relationships, prison, money. His audience is on each topic.

Marley’s police file 

Apart from his success as a musician, Naira appears to be making another record of always being wanted by law enforcement agencies for his connection to disobedience to a government order, fraud or his involvement in it.

Contrary to the way of other celebrities who avoid trouble and want to be in the spotlight for good reasons, Naira Marley courts trouble. He was detained by the Nigerian Police Force flouting imposed interstate travel bans during the Covid lockdown of 2020. Marley travelled to Abuja to perform at a concert. He was subsequently arraigned in court.


The musician made a tweet about leading a protest sometime in August but pulled back after reportedly getting cold feet. It was after this that Runtown and Falz The BahdGuy led protesters from the Lagos Island to the mainland. This led to a chain reaction of events in the history of Nigeria.
Naira Marley released a song to highlight the challenges the country faced in 2020, titled 'Koleyewon'. He included the escalation to the End Sars protest in the song.

Hopefully, now that he has made it clear on where he stands about cultism, his fans will know that some lines are not to be crossed. Yet as it were, most of his fans are not on social media; they're on the streets.

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