Naomi Campbell Found A Way To Annoy An entire Country

She Used A Nigerian Song To Promote Kenya's Tourism Board

By  | Feb 25, 2021, 02:35 PM  | Drama

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell shared a great news on her Instagram; she was confirmed as the international brand ambassador for the Kenyan Tourism Board, Magical Kenya.
But then she slipped when she used a Nigerian song as the soundtrack for a brand that’s a national treasure.

Many of her fans and followers agreed it was not such a supermodel move. The song used is titled ‘Maserati- an Afropop single by Nigerian 2020 breakout star Olakira.

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Though it’s a great song and Nigerians were proud of the recognition, the Kenyans in her comment section did not think it was appropriate for the moment and the content she was promoting.

What does 'Hop in my Maserati' have to do with Kenyan Tourism? Nothing, at the moment.

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Under the video showing the beauty of Kenyan Tourism, she expressed her excitement in a caption, and reminded everyone to be grateful for nature’s beauty:

Thank you Hon Najib Balala EGH @tunajibu
 I feel so privileged and honoured to be confirmed as Magical Kenya International Brand Ambassador. Not just because of the obvious benefits that tourism brings to an economy but also I am proud to be able to represent such an important country as Kenya.
 We all know about the astounding areas of natural beauty, the beaches and of course the wildlife but there is much more.
 Kenya has a history going back 100 million years and is considered by many to be the cradle of civilisation so I am humbled to be talking about the country.
 Of course, the people are the wealth of any nation and it’s no different with Kenya. Its people have excelled in the arts, sciences, political thought and sports just to name a few.
 Tourism does of course bring jobs to the local economy, vital for so many small and big entrepreneurs. It helps unleash ideas, creativity, talent and makes for worthwhile and productive lives.
 Tourism is vital on many levels and it is my hope that I can play a small part in helping remind the world about Kenya and on a bigger level wouldn’t it be wonderful if Kenya could help inspire the world after this terrible pandemic we have all been through. Reminding us to be grateful for nature's beauty and enduring history of our wonderful planet. #NAOMIAFRICA🙏🏾@magicalkenya.

Some of the comments on the post were:

'Welcome again but why didn't you put a kenyan song in the background'

'That song is good but we can sell Kenya with Kenyan songs I have a few suggestions if you like'

'The background song is a let down'
'Live and Die in Africa by @sautisol would have made a more fitting soundtrack to this beautiful footage.'

Another follower said:

'Dear sweet @naomi I hope you used Kenyan music on the background. This is said in humility. We are all Africans and we love our African music however, I feel that this was for Kenya and her musicians tunes could have been awesome. Just my humble opinion sweetie'.

Some people still don’t see how important the background song is, because we’re all still Africans after all. Imagine advertising an iPhone using a Nokia default ringtone? They’re both phones but it just doesn’t work.

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Naomi is now the international face of the Kenya Tourism Board, hopefully, her other videos will showcase Kenya from the beginning to end.

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