Nkechi Blessing Sunday Exposes Man In Private DMs

This is NOT how to hit on NBS

By  | Apr 25, 2022, 01:55 PM  | Drama

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Nkechi Blessing Sunday must have received her fair share of unwanted advances – which woman hasn’t? But today she had enough and went ahead to expose the messages of a man stuck stressing and annoying her in her DMs. 

NBS is a beautiful woman, which often means that she will get a lot of attention. Sometimes it is welcome while other times… well, maybe not so much. 

However, when she asks someone to stop messaging her, she would expect them to listen and actually stop. 

The America based actress recently shared screenshots of a long running conversation between her and a man who just won’t quit hitting on her. She told him to get out of her inbox, which upset him and made him wonder why she should be rude yet he loves her? 

But we guess he crossed the line when he declared NBS his wife. We can only imagine this is somebody she has never met, which makes it weird. How do you go around declaring strangers your partner? 

You may be thinking, well why didn’t she just block him? Well, not to speak for her or anything, but sometimes blocking does not work. Some people take it as a challenge to come back with a second account that is not yet blocked, and it turns into a game of creating new accounts and blocking. And who has the time for that? 

On the other hand, perhaps this is an Igbo billionaire shooting his shot. After all, the actress just recently said she was looking for one, and asked her followers to send one her way. Maybe this is the man she has been waiting for but she will ignore and expose him like this. 

Even in the middle of all this chaos, NBS still has a soft spot for love, and recently encouraged her fans to never give up on it. 

Regardless of what goes down,amidst plenty chaos do not forget LOVE is a beautiful thing👌 I have soo much love in me that I am never afraid to fall in love❤️‍🩹 Cus d moment you love yourself more,it becomes easy to fall inlove and be loved❤️ Never ever give up on LOVE💙💙💙#lovewins,” she wrote. 

We can bet that she will receive a number of mixed reactions for sharing the screenshot of her DM like she did. I mean, she could have handled it in many different ways,  but who is to say whether her chosen method was the right one or a wrong one? 

What do you think, though? Could she have been more gentle, or is it within her rights to respond as she pleases? 

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