Nkechi Blessing Sunday Responds To Ex-Lover's Accusations

Well that's one way to handle it

By  | May 12, 2022, 10:00 AM  | Drama

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Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s ex “husband” Falegan Opeyemi David recently made some pretty nasty accusations against her, saying she had horrible hygiene during their relationship. NBS has responded, though not the way we expected. 

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The actress was recently caught off guard when her ex “husband” went online to issue a public apology. Speaking to media personality Daddy Freeze in an Instagram Live chat, he said that he was sorry they broke up. He admitted that he was at fault over how things went down after their breakup, and although he agreed that he had needed to move on, he says he could have handled it all a little better. 

He then appealed to her not to be so angry any more. He said he would even be willing to go down on his knees and apologise to her, if it had to come to that. 

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But NBS was not willing to hear any of it, and she responded soon. She asked fans to stop tagging her in Falegan’s posts, saying he was only trying to chase clout, and they were giving it to him, but she does not wish to be a part of it anymore. 

She proceeded to say that the only kind of ex to keep around and be friends with is one who keeps quiet after the break up, which is obviously not Falz.

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Now Falz has revisited his apology and opened fire afresh, saying he left her because her hygiene was below acceptable standards. He accused her of wearing one underpant for three consecutive days without washing it, saying he had to be the one to remind her to do so. 

But we know when it comes to being petty, NBS can drag it out to the ends of the world. She has responded to his fresh allegations, posting a video of herself twerking and wearing no underwear. And her caption for the video is the peak of pettiness, and frankly we are here for it. 

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Lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo I will Reply with a Pataless video…Take your L in peace Bro this one is meant for a Billionaire 🔥🔥🔥 Elle Mr Annonymous    😍😍😍#Breakfastdeypainsha🤣🤣🤣😩#ifeelyourpainbro😩,” she wrote. 

Well, that is definitely one way to counter a rumour that she wears the same underwear for three days straight –  by wearing none. One thing about NBS is that she will always match the energy she is met with, and this time is not an exception – she delivered as expected. 

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She has since deleted the video, and it looks like she has had a change of heart. Even so, she has made it clear that she will not concern herself with the opinions of anyone who does not pay her bills. She further said that she has not worn underwear since she was 18, so he is obviously lying. 

Image credit: Kanyi Daily

Image credit: Kanyi Daily

She says she has since taken a cold shower, and it has helped a great deal in calming her down, which is why she has deleted all her rants, including the twerk video.  But she is definitely not going to accept his apology, because it is not by force, is it? 

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