Pretty Mike Returns Anonymous Gift

Give This Gift With Your Chest, Please!

By  | Feb 12, 2021, 11:28 PM  | Drama

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Not everyone likes to receive gifts from secret admirers. Some people might be thrilled to see ‘anonymous’ at the bottom of the notes that come with the gifts, but not Lagos Socialite Pretty Mike of Lagos, whose Valentine started a few days earlier with some beautifully wrapped hampers. He has warned people to stop sending him gifts.

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He uploaded a video on Instagram showing him in his car, speaking to a man who held a hamper. According to him, the woman came to drop the gift for him without leaving any form of identification.
Pretty Mike told the man to keep the package because he does not accept packages from anonymous people.

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In the video, Pretty Mike said ‘ come and pick it up. This is the second package I’m getting today. I don’t know if it’s the same person. I don’t know what kind of prank you’re playing. Some people might think it’s sweet., but let me tell you something, we’re in a day and age where people need to understand what they’re receiving. I will not accept any package from an anonymous or secret admirer. Period.’

We get you, Mike. After all, it was an anonymous letter bomb that killed Dele Giwa.

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He wrote:
Honestly, this is getting ridiculous, it might sound or look cute to some of u, but this is definitely not my style,I guess the person is feeling like, let me start two days be4 Val, just incase Mike gets bombarded with gifts, dear secret admirer, I’m not that important and I’m not a big deal, don’t allow my instagram page fool u,.... and I don’t know who is giving out my address out there, only a few of my friends knows my place, Yomi,Toye,Dapo,Oloto,Juwon,Uche,Hagar,Tosin, and Lala.pls if u guys are the ones coordinating this prank, pls let’s put a stop to it, better still let’s dem come over to the office at Cubana, or if Dey are truly serious, give dem my acct details.....thanks, be4 person go send Pre-package Kayanmata #SeeMeSeeWahala#Hustle&BustleAbuja

He made this post as a follow up to a previous post he had made earlier in the day about the first gift he received. It was wrapped in a red box with balloons.

Like Really, woke up not long ago and met this box of gift downstairs, I normally don’t post stuffs or a picture of myself this way, but I needed to make this statement loud and clear.... pls stop sending stuffs over to my place if u are not going to identify urself “which one is secret admirer” , most people around me will tell u I’m not a big fan of all these things, if any one of you is planning on blowing trumpet to my door step, I have given standing order not to allow anyone in.. pls don’t waste ur money and time, better still carry ur gifts to motherless babies home #NaByForce
A follower on his page was not quite satisfied with his reaction to the gift and made it clear in her comment: 

'Nigerian men r just too proud when they feel they r handsome and rich. It is a gift, just say thank you Lobatan'.

Safety first! the gifts can come after, or they can come to us.

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