Did Seyi Shay Intentionally Leak Her Sexy Pics?

Is she be truthful or trying to cover up her tracks?

By  | May 22, 2020, 09:10 AM  | Seyi Shay  | Drama

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Seyi Shay is claiming her Instagram account was hacked after a series of semi-nude pics were posted online....

The Naija singer has also denied sending dozens of inappropriate DMs to fans.

Taking to Twitter, Seyi revealed that her privacy had being violated after hackers gained access to a handful of raunchy pics of her which they posted online this week.

The Gimme Love star claimed that she was left humiliated and confused as to what had transpired.

She tweeted; "I cannot tell why/who is doing this, but my IG account has been compromised & my privacy is being violated. Seems to be a deliberate attack as the photos circulating are not from a recent exchange.

Seyi also appealed to fans who received the DMs to pay them no attention.

"Please ignore all DMs from my account and do not share any personal info," she added.

However not everyone is buying her claims of being a victim, and some had even gone as far as to accuse the singer of posting the pics herself for free publicity

Even media personality Shade Ladipo had some harsh words for Seyi, accusing her of being pretentious.

Shade directed this shady message at Seyi on her Instagram Stories; "So I want to understand if your Instagram account gets hacked, did they also hack your naked pictures from within Instagram? I'm asking for my neighbour o".

She also told the singer to own up to her actions in a separate message.

She continued; ""If you want to show us boobie and small yansh pls do like your mates and stand by it with your full chest. I'm here for the whole thing but please stop saying your account was hacked. We went to school ma."

Instagram @shadeladipo

Ouch! Do you think Seyi leaked her own sexy pics, or is she a victim of a cyber crime?

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