Simi Issues A Stern Warning

She is completely done with this

By  | May 10, 2022, 03:47 PM  | Simi  | Drama

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Simi is not one to be stern on social media – at least not unless she is provoked – but today she must have reached her limit as she has issued a stern warning to show how things will be going forward. 

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The singer recently took to social media to say that she is tired of explaining herself, so she will not be doing so any longer. It is one of those perks of growing older, as she says, that you realise you do not really owe anyone an explanation for how you choose to live your life, and the choices you make. 

We are glad that Simi has come to this decision, as it is a realization that everybody deserves to have at some point in their lives. You cannot really please everybody, so often, there is no point in trying. And as long as you are not hurting anyone with your actions and lifestyle, you don’t have to explain. It is also really cool to see that her fans agree with her, and are applauding her for the mature decision she has made. 

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Another person who seems to have made the decision to stop explaining herself is actress Mercy Aigbe, who is currently facing a lot of backlash on social media. 

She has topped trends on social media for close to 24 hours now, never breaking the streak, which is a rather difficult feat to accomplish, especially on Nigerian social media where the trending topic changes at least 6 times a day. 

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You would imagine she is trending for a pretty awesome reason, right? Well, if you do, you would be wrong. 

The actress has been having her name dragged from here to the ends of the earth after the saga with her, her new husband, and his first wife (and soon to be ex wife, we presume) blew up. 

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Mercy shared a video of herself in front of the now famous staircase in the house she lives in, which, as it turns out, is the house that her husband Kazim Adeoti formerly lived in with his first wife. 

This naturally enraged the first wife, and she hurled many insults at the new controversial couple. This also invited social media users to hurl their own words at the actress, thus why she has not left the top of the trends list. 

But Mercy’s reaction to all the drama was not at all what anybody anticipated. Can we say she has handled it with grace? We’re not so sure anymore, but it is certainly clear that we did not expect this. 

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Anyway, more power to Simi on what promises to be a freeing journey of living her life out loud and owing nobody any explanations. 

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