Stella Damasus Called A Hypocrite For "Loving" May Edochie

"You were someone else's Judy"

By  | May 11, 2022, 10:25 AM  | Drama

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Actor Yul Edochie started a fire that is yet to die down, three weeks later, and everyone who moves close to it gets flamed mercilessly. This is what actress and singer Stella Damasus discovered as she got caught in the crossfire, and was called a hypocrite. 

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Ever since Yul revealed to social media that he had a child with his second wife (this is after he was accused of cheating on his first wife a year back and he denied the rumours), May Edochie has kept silent on the saga. 

This was even though he went on Instagram to celebrate her merely hours after making his announcement and unveiling his “second wife” Judy Austin. He said May would always be number one and even tagged her in the post, but she ignored it all. 

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But yesterday he went on to post a video of the two of them goofing off in their car and having a merry time together, and it looked like everything was indeed okay between them. The video achieved what we assume was the intention – to make people think that things are, in fact, okay between Yul and May. 

Unfortunately for Yul, May was not having it this time, and she finally responded to him, but indirectly. She took to her own Instagram account to set the record straight, announcing that it was an old video, and she is still very much against polygamy. 

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The drama of the moment could have ended with fans being shook by Yul’s attempt. But people wanted to show their support for May, and among them was Stella Damasus, who commented telling her that she loves her. 

The irony of the whole interaction was not lost on the fans, who immediately came at Stella. She was called a hypocrite, and reminded that she also “stole” someone’s husband not too long ago. She was the “Judy” in Doris Simon’s marriage, so the fans feel like it is hypocritical of her to now side with May in this saga. 

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The comments blew up as more and more people went after Stella for her past “crimes”, all making it clear that they were not forgetting what she did to someone else’s marriage. Some fans tried to defend her, saying that she had learned her lesson and repented. 

But many did not buy this defence, as they believe she only “repented” because her marriage also imploded after she snatched the man. She was not really remorseful, just embarrassed because it ended in tears for her too. And even so, it was too late for her apology, as that family is now broken forever. 

The whole interaction seems like a warning to anybody who may want to take sides in the mess, to make sure that their track record is clean, because this violence is not sparing anybody. 

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