Tiwa Savage Puts 'Fake' Dating Rumours On Blast

Sis didn't come to play...

By  | May 01, 2020, 08:00 AM  | Tiwa Savage  | Drama

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Tiwa Savage has clapped back hard at a celebrity blogger who ran a 'fake' report on her love life...

According to Instagram blogger Cutie Julls, Tiwa is reportedly bed-hopping with Obama DMW, who happens to be part of Davido's entourage.

The blogger recently ran the story about Tiwa & Obama's secret rendezvous which had social media users salivating.

But Tiwa - who split from her husband and baby daddy in 2018 - caught wind of the story and shot down the rumours with a stern message to the "bored" and "broke" blogger.

"This coro (coronavirus) has made some small blogs jobless, carrying fake news about my love life", Tiwa wrote on Instagram

She also encouraged the blogger to enter her dance challenge to win some money for her "broke a**".

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Cutie however paid no heed to Tiwa and continued to spill the tea on the singer's rumoured romance.

Taking to Instagram, the blogger insisted the news was far from fake, claiming that Obama himself confirmed the romance to her source. She also claimed the romance was 'no-strings attached' as the pair were not dating, but "knacking".

She wrote; "Don’t flatter yourself. I never said you 2 are dating. My words were clear that you 2 knack as that was exactly what Obama confirmed to my source while I listen to it from the other side of the phone."

"Obama is doing you. Choke on that dick hun... Dude couldn’t even keep it private. My source is legit, confirmed by Obama. "

Cutie then called Tiwa out as a "coward" for blocking her and preventing her from seeing her response. She also warned the award-winning star to rather blame Obama for having 'verbal diarrhea' instead of shooting the messenger.

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Is there any truth to these rumours? Or is this another case of fake news? Time will only tell...

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