Toyin Abraham Ends Feud With Lizzy Anjorin?

Toyin wants to forgive and forget...

By  | Jul 26, 2020, 08:19 AM  | Toyin Abraham  | Drama

It's no secret that Naija veteran actresses Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin don't see eye-to-eye....

Their feud goes way back and includes nasty public spats, name-calling and even accusations of witchcraft!

But all the drama may be over for the screen stars - at least on Toyin's part anyway.

The mom-of-one - who insisted she's a changed woman after changing her name - posted a very telling YouTube video urging her fans to forgive their enemies, just as she has done.

She can be heard saying in the video; "People hurt me alot of times....but guess what? I forgive alot of times, I do not hold grudges.

"I know its difficult alot of times, but you have to let go. Because once you do not forgive, that burden is not on that person, it is on you.

"You can forgive and not be close to the person...If God keeps giving us chances, who are you not to give another chance?

"I don't have time for fights or bitterness".

Preach it sista!
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Meanwhile newlywed Lizzy has showed off more footage and pics of her extravagant wedding to Lateef Lawal last week.

Days after clapping back at critics who warned her husband would leave her, as he had done to his five previous 'wives' and countless children, Lizzy boasted about her dream nuptials, dress and elaborate wedding ring!
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The loved-up star also posted clips of her man romancing her with a cute dance.

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Looks like Lizzy & Toyin are too busy - and happy - to worry about ever feuding again!

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Image credit: Instagram @toyin_abraham