Trouble In Paradise? Tiannah’s Boo Has A Boo!

But She Does Not Seem To Mind

By  | Feb 18, 2021, 04:40 PM  | Drama

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Harry song sang ‘After the reggae play the blues, even your boo get a boo’ some years ago, but it is a fitting soundtrack to the drama playing out between Fashion Entrepreneur and CEO of Tiannah’s Empire Toyin Lawani, her fiancé, Segun Wealth, his wife, and people who know him to be presently married with two kids.

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A few days ago, Toyin Lawani shared a video of the moment her boyfriend surprised her with a proposal.
I WAS SO SURPRISED AND SHOCKED by @segun_wealth and @deeeunknown🙆🏽‍♂️ didn’t know when I Beat him with the flower o
 me I felt they just brought vals gift o, until I saw uncle on the floor

 Best Valentine’s Day ever
 Officially Mrs Adebayo
 wouldn’t have had it another way,
 cause he’s my Best friend and Creative partner,
 we work so well together
 He planned this with my personal assistant and friends @gloayoade and @prettydammy2  I love you guys so much, will share all their planning videos later
 Like he planned makeup, videography ah etc and kept saying babe let’s go for dinner, I’m like I don’t feel like, I should have known something was up
 The king of all Queens is Taken 
First pictures of their relationship surfaced on the internet in May 2020.

The fiancé has a persona of a man behind the mask on both his personal and professional Instagram pages.

But it appears the man is not so unknown, because he has been revealed to be the husband of another woman is not a social media personality.
In response to the many questions about if she was aware the man was married or about who he is, Toyin posted an answer on her page:
Frequently confused Asked Questions, is @segun_wealth @deeeunknown??
 @deeeunknown is a Masked Artist and he sings, Super Talented a versatile, his other hobbies Apart from being a musician and a photographer. His photography page is @segun_wealth, He is a farmer, a Director and an actor, there are many parts to him, No one forced anyone to cover up, if you don’t understand what A masked Brand is then you are living in the old Ages.
 To find out more, Download his singles - #matterand #somepeople by #Deeeunknownand see how super Talented he is, he’s signed to @tiannahsempirerecords cause When I see Raw Talent I don’t let it waste, A calm level headed person will always make it work, Don’t have time addressing anyone’s headache, if head Dey pain you from my happiness go buy panadol, if you check his Both pages. 
He has always said who he is and linked Both Talents together from day one, you can have various Talents, how to separate them and make them work needs Skills and the right support, if you are not careful one will distract one and make you lose focus.
We are more than we show atimes, chase your dreams 👑 it takes the right person to see The star in you and help you nurture it, surround yourself with Creative minds like you or else you won’t go far.

The latest update is that Toyin is aware of his marriage which is going on in its 6th year. She also sent a series of messages to the wife Edel, asking her to stop disturbing them, because Edel’s mother snatched another woman’s husband and chased the three kids out of the home. So according to Toyin, this is Karma being served back on Edel’s head.

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