Uti Shares His Realisation About His Countrymen

In A Nutshell, It Doesn't Look Good

By  | Jan 29, 2021, 11:05 PM  | Uti Nwachukwu  | Drama

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Tv personality Uti Nwachukwu has just discovered what goes on in the mind of the average Nigerian and he is not pleased.
Being fully raised and hustled in this country for 3 decades, I have finally realised one truth: the average Nigerian does not hate oppression, they love and live for it! They only hate that they are on the wrong side of oppression. The middle class seem to be the most humane.

Nigeria’s current population stands at 209 million according to the worldometer elaboration of the latest united nations data.
 It is not clear what he experienced to have this epiphany, but we will take his word for it.


After winning the BBNaija All-Stars Edition, Uti has become a formidable presence in the entertainment scene. He is identified as one of the outspoken Nigerian celebrities who use their platform to create conversations across diverse topics.

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He joined other Nigerians to speak against police brutality and oppression last year 2020. He also called on the Ugandan Government to released Nigerian artistes Tems and Omahlay when they were arrested for allegedly flouting government protocol to perform at an event.

He presently co-hosts Jara with Helen Paul.

Uti is an ambassador for Her Story Our Story, A European Union campaign in partnership with the British Council, seeking to end all forms of sexual & gender-based violence. After some tweets which presented him as having forcefully raped a woman were exposed, social media users called for his expulsion from the campaign, stating that he was not a credible representative, and was, instead, the kind of person they were fighting against.

Uti filed a petition with the police for a full-scale investigation and made a public vow to get to the bottom of the accusation. But in a funny twist, the accuser deleted her account before the police could identify her.

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Last year the celebrity shared some words of wisdom on his page
‘If you are a good Friend, NEVER EVER allow your friend to React Emotionally in ANY SITUATION cos it NEVER ENDS WELL. Always be the one to say- "wait, don't say or do anything now" Then you, if u have sense, make sure u have that friend that CHECKS YOU! That u respect and listen to’

He also shared how entitlement can be hurtful in undefined relationships:
‘As a public personality ehn, I personally feel contractual relationships are a lot better! Let everyone know what they are getting into! Get mine get yours!! No hard feelings
 Cos emotionally entitled people strike the hardest when God promotes you’ 

 Uti is set to feature in a movie with colleague Yvonne Jegede titled THE BLIND STRANGER to be released in 2021.
He was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at 2016 Africa Movie Academy Award AMAA, for his role in Breathless. In the category, he was up against Abidine Dioari (Eye of the Storm) Winner, Kenneth Nkosi (Ayanda ) Joseph Otsiman (The Cursed Ones), Thomas Gumede (Tell Me Sweet Something).


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