Yul Edochie Responds To Naysayers With History Education

They Say He's Chasing A Tall Dream

By  | Feb 20, 2021, 04:37 PM  | Drama

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It will be three years till Nigerians have another general election, but people are already indicating interest around the country, the most popular of which is presently Nollywood actor Yul Edochie.

2023 Presidential hopeful Yul responded to the naysayers advising him not to run for the presidency because it won’t work.
He schooled them with a little bit of history :

Gowon was 31 when he became Head of State. Ojukwu led the war at 33. Youths, wake up. Don't sit at home & tell me it won't work. It makes you a coward. And in this struggle for a better Nigeria, we do not need cowards. Join us, support the movement & together we'll make it work.

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A follower thought that the country is full of northerners and they prefer to suffer:
D tin there is dat na northerners full dis coun3 and dem no wise at all.don't be surprise dat even if buhari come out for 3rd tenure dey still will vote him..nd na dem dey suffer pass and dey lyk der suffering as long as their people remain in power even if he's not helping them
He further advised Yul not to bother with running for presidency otherwise it would be a waste of time and money, both of which are unarguably precious.

So dear @YulEdochie
you're wasting your precious tym and money tbh...except u find a way to win their heart then there's hope 4 u. If not dos people are exactly what dey call ride and die..they don't mind if dey die with the person they're riding with as long as Is their person

Another patriotic tweep commented:

It’s unfortunate that many Nigeria youths lacks the spirit of fight to overcome! Determination matters, it will take a man sleepless night to get whatever he desires for.. let’s stop saying nobody can win Nigeria president from another party but it’s left for us to fight for it
‘Vote and defend your vote!!! Stop fearing your follow man for fear kills a man’s destiny.. my beloved is that if Nigeria youths chose to take presidential post from those oldies,, we take it’

Surely, he meant his ‘belief’.
Another tweep who claimed to be stateless commented under the post from a position of fandom. He asked Yul to forget about the presidential election because he did not have as many fans as Nigerian activist and former presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore

Bro, pls, If you ask me I will Say u should forget about the 2023 Presidential election, It will not work, do you think u have fans more than Sowore? Pls, go home and help your brothers with the struggle of Biafra, that's your life and the future of your children, wise up. Tanx

This person came to the table with another page from the history books and schooled all the students present:

I am tired of listening to this rubbish that Gowon was 31 and Ojukwu was 33 bla bla bla... They inherited a country that isn't up to 10 years post independence and they're top men in military army who took over government by FORCE, There was no 1999 constitution and Cabals.
any Nigerian Army that tries any thing as close to what they did in 1966, they would be tried in military court and court-martial and eventually killed. Any body that plans a coup d'etat now and fails, they'll wipe out his entire lineage and existence.

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Nigeria is under democratic rule, so while Yakub Gowon's age was relevant in the discussion, his methods will not likely be successful in this dispensation.

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